5 Defining Moments of Vegeta’s Development Throughout Dragon Ball Super!

Best Vegeta Moments from Dragon Ball Super

Named after his birth planet, Vegeta was the son of the Saiyan King Vegeta. Fans of the series can confirm that throughout the series, Vegeta is one of the best-written characters with an exciting development arc.

Throughout the Dragon Ball Super arc, Vegeta has shown extreme emotional range contrary to his character. Here are five best Vegeta moments from Dragon Ball Super that may have affected his character during this arc.

Best Vegeta Moments in Dragon Ball Super!

1. A Past Revisited

Best Vegeta Moments Dragon Ball Super!

This moment reminded Vegeta of the first time he had seen the Destroyer God when he was a child. That image of his father at Beerus’ feet had driven Vegeta to seek out and become a mighty warrior, and the desire is rekindled again with Beerus’ appearance on Earth.

2. My Bulma

Best Vegeta Moments in Dragon Ball Super!

Finding the Earth unworthy of existence, Beerus is about to destroy the planet when Bulma slaps him. As part of an ingenious (and sick) plan, Beerus slaps her back.

Vegeta, who was till this point in awe and respect of the Destroyer, is enraged by anyone hitting his wife and goes all out on Beerus. It shows that Vegeta has grown from that cold person to a loving husband and cares not for his safety even in the face of certain death.

3. Training Under Whis

Training Under Whis- Best Vegeta Moments in Dragon Ball Super!

Motivated by Goku’s Super Saiyan form, the once prideful and regal Vegeta resorts to wooing Whis to some delicious instant ramen to let him train with Whis. Vegeta sheds all ego as he tirelessly works to please Whis, convincing him to mentor him.

4. Spiritual Yardrat

Spiritual Yardrat

Following the Tournament of Power, Vegeta and Goku part ways. Vegeta lands in Yardrat as he is stunned by the immense power of the elder Pybara, who teaches Vegeta to balance his spirit and body.

After the training, Vegeta learns that even his body is capable of breaking the limits and hopes to again come at par with Goku’s Ultra Instinct technique. Here, he understands the basics of the Spirit Control technique and achieves Instant Transmission.

 5. Ultra Ego: A Destroyer Technique? 

Vegeta's Ultra Ego

As Vegeta trains with Beerus, he is thrown off balance with the knowledge of a technique that the Gods of Destruction use. Vegeta shows a glimpse of the power with Beerus using a Hakai. 

With further training, Vegeta goes on to better grasp Hakai and, along with Goku, answers a distress call to help defeat a dangerous villain, Granola. While fighting with the Cerelean, Vegeta finally unlocks a technique that allows all attacks to graze past him harmlessly. He dubs this state the Ultra Ego.

Final Thoughts!

While the story is yet to unfold, it is certainly an interesting point to note that Vegeta has evolved as a person and a warrior (i.e., both in mind and body). On further speculation, while Goku follows his path as per the Angels, Vegeta may also be following the course of the Destroyers.

So, these are the five best moments of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Super which make him a character we never thought he would become. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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