15 Best Yuri Anime You Can’t Resist from Watching!

best yuri anime list

If you’re familiar with the term Yuri, then I guess you know what it means. For decades, the anime industry has been including LGBT shows and characters.

Yuri anime isn’t what you think it is; it involves a romantic relationship between girls and in a beautiful way. If you have a diverse opinion on lesbian anime, make sure you check our list of the best yuri anime because it might change your opinion.

Best Yuri Anime 2022!

15. Love to Lie Angle

Tachibana to Lie Angle- Best Yuri Anime List!

The story follows Natsuno Hanabi‘s moves to her hometown from Tokyo to study and start a new life. At the high school dormitory, she meets her childhood friend Konomi.

Konomi introduces Hanabi to her friends, who have no shame in decency. Who would’ve thought Hanabi’s new life would end up full of flirtatious girls who tempt others with their sights?

In this anime, Hanabi always finds herself in awkward situations like being stuck in a closet with a naked girl, accidentally slips, and her face ends up on the private parts, and many more.

If only the episodes are not short lengthy, it would’ve been a blast. But still, you’ll enjoy it to the fullest even though for a short time. At the very least, it is a good yuri anime to watch if you like harem anime with only females in it.

14. Netsuzou Trap

Metsuzou Trap- Best Yuri Anime List!

Okazaki Yuma and Mizushima Hotaru are best friends since childhood, and after they get into high school, Yuma gets a boyfriend. Since it’s her first time owning a boyfriend, Yuma asks Hotaru for advice.

But her situation gets complicated when Hotaru kisses her. This situation leaves Yuma in a dilemma, and now she lefts with two fates. Either cheating on her boyfriend, which we call a betrayal, or ultimately settling things with Hotaru.

Being a short-length anime, it uses the whole screen time in portraying the relationship between Yuma and Hotaru romantically. While it intrigues the story of betrayal on one side, it also concerns their true love on the other side.

13. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid- Best Yuri Anime List!

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid follows a Mamori who finds herself transporting to a mysterious island, but suddenly, some island inhabitants attack them. Then a mermaid named Shikishima Mirei saves her, and since she couldn’t stop the attacks, she kisses Mamori.

As a result, she turns into a weapon; the reason is they have some unique ability granted, and those divide into two types. One is Exters who can transform into weapons when sexually aroused, and the other one is Liberators who can wield the Exters and harness their powers.

Yeah, you heard that right: Powers using Lezzy sex! The story might seem a bit childish to you, but you won’t always get to watch such unique ones.

Some of the exciting things you’ll find as even they stimulate sexually to obtain the powers. So, there’s always enough space for overwhelming nudity in this spectacular yuri anime. Thus we brought this unique anime into our list of best yuri anime.

12. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san- Best Yuri Anime List!

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is one funny yuri anime that presents the lives of two high school girls Inugami and Nekoyama. Both of their personalities are quite the opposite, like a dog and cat.

As you already, such opposite characters always make the best pair. So, when these two neighboring girls introduce themselves to each other, the story begins, and until the end, you’ll know how cute and romantic relationships they hold.

With only 3 min of the run time of each episode, it barely takes you 1 hour to complete the first season. This romcom is a perfect example of what happens when two people with different personalities like each other.

While Nekoyama is a shy person, Inugami is quite the opposite. So, in any yuri scene you encounter, the outcome is unique and fascinating. Thus, it is a part of our list of the best yuri anime.

11. Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden- Best Yuri Anime List!

Yuri anime with emotional endings are not rare, but what makes this series unique is its storyline. Chikane and Himeko are two high school students at Ototachibana Academy at Mahoroba. According to the myth, they are reincarnations of solar and lunar Mikos.

The Orochi awakens on the birthday month of both Chikane and Himeko since both born on the same day. These two girls must awaken their ancient reincarnations to defend their ultimate enemy. Can they do it before the calamity appears?

Even though the story seems cute with some cliche villains, don’t get fooled by appearances alone. It is more than what you think, but it does have numerous yuri scenes to look upon.

The first few episodes are so dedicated to developing the cute relationship between Chikane and Himaeko. And later, it focuses both on action and romance, in this way, you’ll be able to witness an action-packed yuri anime. This is how it ended up on our list of best yuri anime.

10. Riddle Story of Devil

Riddle Story of Devil- Best Yuri Anime List!

The story follows the assassin, Tokaku Azuma. Like her, many of her enrolled classmates have one goal but to eliminate a fellow student named Haru Ichinose.

Whoever kills her, they’ll have any wish granted. As things get complicated, instead of killing her, Totaku falls for her. Now Tokaku decides to protect her from the rest assassins no matter the cost. Can she protect her from other skillful assassins who trained like her?

Being a brutal assassin to a lover, that’s where this anime’s plot gets you. Tokaku character is one of the best things this anime could have, and the relationship between both the girls is so romantic.

It is more like an action-packed yuri anime with a slight touch of thrill. Well, we suggest you watch this yuri anime if you love some hardcore yuri scenes.

9. Kiniro Mosaic

Kiniro Mosaic- Best Yuri Anime List!

The story follows Shinobu Oomiya, who meets a cute girl named Alice in England during her stay. Even though it was a short stay, she becomes a best friend to her, or you can say it’s more complicated than that.

Shinobu returns to Japan, and after a few years, she joins in high school. Soon she receives a letter from Alice saying that she’ll be entering the same school as Shinobu and leaving alongside her. This letter makes Shinobu very happy, and soon they meet each other, and I’ll leave the rest for you.

Overall it is a funny yuri series, and most likely, English fans are sure to enjoy it to the fullest. The characters are exciting, and the animation is good, especially in your favorite scenes. It does take you a couple of minutes to get you hooked, but it’s totally worth it.

8. Citrus

Citrus- Best Yuri Anime List!

It follows Aihara Yuzu, who moves to a new place when her mother remarries. Excited Yuzu thinks that she can make new friends and a boyfriend, but it turns out that the school is an all-girls school.

She encounters the most stuck-up girl in the school Mei, who is also the student council president. Could this encounter lead to a new turn in her life?

In the first episode, there won’t be much space for yuri scenes, but once the story takes the lead, the scenes you’re expecting struck you like lightning. This anime consists of 12 episodes and all of them of 23-minute length.

So, there is no chance you can see a lag in the story. Instead, you’ll experience something sweet and romantic in this rare yuri anime. Well, it wouldn’t be fair if Citrus doesn’t have a place in the list of best yuri anime.

7. Strawberry Panic

Strawberry Panic- Best Yuri Anime List!

Strawberry Panic anime is about Nagisa Aoi, who transfers into St. Miator’s girls’ Academy. There she meets a gorgeous girl Hanazono Shizuma who is known as the star of the academy.

Surprisingly, Nagisa can draw her attention, and as you can expect, Nagisa and Shizuma end up becoming lovers. Shizuma is the first one to make a move by kissing Nagisa on the forehead.

With many characters, it portrays love, school politics, heartbreaks, betrayal, romance, and what else. Thus it is one hell of a panicky story.

Yeah, you might’ve been right to an extent, but it still entertains you like the usual ones. And it features more couples instead of only focussing on the two main characters, and all of them are LGBTs.

6. Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri- Best Yuri Anime List!

Yuru Yuri is simply a loli yuri anime, though it doesn’t provide you with many actual yuri scenes. The story follows four girls from an amusement club where the sole purpose of the group is to amuse each other.

But one of the four girls Akari Akaza is younger than the other three, and she had a lonely year in elementary. However, when she enters middle school, she is finally excited to see her friends again. She somehow joins the club also to enjoy like in the past.

This anime is more of a loli type than yuri. But some of the scenes in the anime absolutely make it a yuri anime. Since all they do is amuse each other, some of them even do some indecent things.

Some scenes like Chinatsu kissing Akari make it even more exciting and take off your view on the anime. It even entertains you till the end with its humor.

5. Konohana Kitan

Konohana Kitan- Best Yuri Anime List!

Yuzu is a cheerful girl who finds a job at Konohanatei, a hot springs hotel in a beautiful village. While she doesn’t know much about the place, Kiri, another fox girl who works there, helps her in fulfilling the new position.

Working around kind people, eventually, she finds a family at Konohanatei along with a beautiful relationship with Kiri.

It is one fantasy slice of life anime combined with some pure yuri scenes. With a little mix of the shoujo genre, it makes it even more dramatic.

This anime does a good job of setting up the world and making it easier for the viewers by explaining it.

4. Adachi to Shimamura

Adachi to Shimamura- Best Yuri Anime List!

The story follows Adachi and Shimamura who become friends after a brief encounter and spend some quality time together. They became friends in a gym where there are no classes or many people either.

This is where they tried all of the things and played ping pong as they become more closer. However, this friendship sprouted even more precious feelings for each other and then they started thinking about each other in a different way.

If you’ve watched Sakura Trick, then you’re probably trying hard to find a cute and sweet series like it. Well, it seems like you’ve found one. Adachi and Shimamura anime is literally the most cutest or at the very least one of the cutest yuri anime out there.

Even though the story is decent, the rest of the aspects are top-notch. Both characters Adachi and Shimamura are the cutest couples you could ever find (or on equal footing with Haruka and Yuu from Sakura Trick).

3. Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick- Best Yuri Anime List!

The story follows Takayama Haruka and Sonoda Yuu, who are inseparable friends since middle school. However, in high school, they end up seated on opposite sides of the classroom.

This distance makes them even closer, and it turns into a lovely relationship. But their relationship isn’t easy since they try to hide it from others and especially a jealous big sister.

It is often renowned as grade A yuri anime for its romance, and it didn’t suffer from any low budget; instead, they spent a fair amount in making it.

The story might not reach a satisfactory conclusion, but it was great at telling the simple and beautiful love story between Haruka and Yuu. As a result, it is one of the best yuri anime out there.

2. Bloom into You

Bloom into You- Best Yuri Anime List!

Yuu Koito has always been enthralled with romantic shoujo manga. She is patiently waiting for the day when someone confesses to her and to experience her new romantic life.

However, her classmate from junior high proposes to her, but she couldn’t feel anything. When she enrolls in high school, she runs into student council president Touka Nanami seeking advice and ends up having feelings for her.

Bloom into You is a sweet and earnest love story with beautifully genuine characters. The diligent love story between Touka and Yuu leaves you with a pleasant feeling.

Even if you don’t like yuri anime, you’ll love this one. Well, at the very least, this one will be to your liking, so we’d recommend you add it to your watchlist.

1. Kase-san and Morning Glories

Kase-san and Morning Glories- Best Yuri Anime List!

Asagao to Kase-san is a simple and straightforward yuri anime. The story follows two girls Yamada Yui and Kase Tomoka, who started going out together.

Their journey includes the sweet path, and you won’t notice such things as betrayal, tragedy, and breakups. But it is better since you don’t need to cry out of emotion; instead, you will cry out of joy seeing their relationship getting more nostalgic.

You’ll find some sweet scenes like Yamada making lunch for Kase and even some intense lesbian scenes in this whimsical yuri anime.

If you like watching anime with pure romance and a lovely couple without any third wheel getting between them, then this one is for you.

Concluding Yuri Anime List!

Well, here you go. The best list of yuri anime you can find, and there are some worthy ones out there that are not included in the list. But since the list is with is already filled with numerous yuri anime recommendations, we thought to skip them for now.

If we write more posts on yuri, we’ll be sure to include them. In the above, there are some anime that go beyond like Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid with extreme romantic scenes. So, if you’d like to start with a vigorous one, we’d recommend it.

Anyway, what do you think of our list? Are there any other yuri anime we might’ve missed? If you have some in mind, make sure to mention them in the comment section below. We might feature those titles in our next yuri post, and Anime Ukiyo will make sure of it.

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