Top 10 Best Zombie LitRPG Books, Ranked

Best Zombie LitRPG Books

I’ve read more than a few novels in my life until I found this genre: LitRPG. But now, there hasn’t been a day since I haven’t read them, and eventually, I have become a sucker for Apocalypse-type LitRPs.

But zombies in Gamelits sure sound interesting, doesn’t it? So, from my experience and a bit of research, I’m going to present you with a list of the best zombie LitRPG books.

Best Zombie LitRPG Books!

10. Respawn

Respawn- Best Zombie LitRPG Books!

The main character wakes up in a game world with no memories. Without a single memory of his past, he discovers that the road ahead of him is too puny to survive alone.

He’s not the first player in the world of S.T.Y.X, and he might not be the last. Survival is not guaranteed unless luck is on your side. How can he survive in this world filled with monsters and undead then?

This book will remind you of S.T.Y.X. Humanhive because they both are basically set in the same universe. But it is an entirely different story with different characters and situations.

The story works well with zombies, skills, RPG mechanics, and also respawn things. If you’re looking for a fabulous quick book to read and are a fan of Zombie LitRPG books, you’ll find this one interesting.

9. God and Devil World

God and Devil World- Best Zombie LitRPG Books!

Everything changed in less than an instant, and the world was driven into chaos as a voice from God was heard by everyone. The world is now filled with zombies, and the people who have survived are given a leveling system.

Set in China and centering around Yue Zhong, God and Devil World explores the actual realities of the apocalyptic world with intense action and quite entertaining characters.

God and Devil World has over 1200 chapters, and it’s not for everyone. But if you’re into Zombie LitRPG novels, then it will be definitely worth it to read. The leveling system and the world-building is one of the best I’ve seen to date.

But it has its cons as it gets sideways after a few hundred chapters. There is also racism, sex, and rape, but it might be an excellent novel for you to read if you can get past that.

8. The Nightmare Game

The Nightmare Game- Best Zombie LitRPG Books!

Ramzan’s life has turned into hell after stealing from the Chenchen Mafia. To torture Ramzan, they had bigger plans than just killing him. They’re going to make him play the Nightmare Game.

This VR game makes the players play a few horror movie scenarios such as zombies, and if they die, they get reuploaded until the plug is pulled off. Even hell sounds better than this nightmare game in which you cannot trust anyone.

The Nightmare Game has one excellent concept. Although the main character thinks straight in challenging situations, it still gives you chills while going through a few scenarios.

It feels as if you’re playing the game in place of Ramzan, and damn, this book was just so good to give this positive kind of review. You should really read this one if you’re a fan of horror zombie LitRPG books.

7. Arcane Kingdom Online

Arcane Kingdom Online- Best Zombie LitRPG Books!

Clay Hopewell is infected with the Zero virus, and with less than twenty-four hours on the count, he discovers that there is only a single option for him: to upload himself into the most advanced virtual reality game.

Even though he somehow succeeds in the process, he’ll have to face the fantasy world filled with monsters. What kind of future is awaiting him?

Arcane Kingdom Online might not seem like an exact zombie litrpg, but eventually, it gets there. The story starts pretty well by getting directly into the main theme and takes you on a remarkable journey.

With every book in the series, you uncover and explore new mysteries along with lots of GameLit action sequences. If you haven’t read this book yet, you might as well do it now because it is one of the best Zombie LitRPG books out there.

6. Headshot

Headshot- Best Zombie LitRPG Books!

The entire world is playing the game Headshot that has become a recent Artificial Reality blockbuster. But unless you get on Survivor’s side, you can only play as a zombie, and every week, the apocalypse starts as they gather forces.

Ryan has been playing the Beta version for months, and once it has launched, he finds a dark truth about the game. How can he survive in this game where he can’t afford to Pay to Win.

Headshot book brings us a familiar world with a unique viewpoint and the main character trying to survive makes it much more intense. You’ll either love it too much or find it silly, but you won’t be bored whatever the case.

Many LitRPG books don’t give us a good start, but this one is an absolute gem. It was written in a very immersive manner, and the first-person narrative makes it much more exciting and more worthwhile.

5. Zombie Slayer

Zombie Slayer- Best Zombie LitRPG Books!

What happens when the rules of reality change? Zombies appeared, and they only have one mission: to kill the living. The zombies also get stronger day by day, and that’s excluding the blood moon days.

The worst situation is the military and police are nowhere to be seen. Eric and his schoolmates are trying to survive in this doomed world. But is it going to be that easy?

Zombie Slayer is the exact meaning of how the LitRPG genre is growing by leaps and bounds each day. You find some flaws in the book, like how the author tries to create friendships and family dynamics.

Even though it is a shorter read than the usual ones, you’ll be having tons of fun with the story. If you love zombies and some cool game elements along with awesome action scenes, you’re going to have a blast with this one.

4. S.T.Y.X. Humanhive

STYX Humanhive- Best Zombie LitRPG Books!

Hive, a place where entry is easy for anyone, but the escape is literally impossible. Almost nine out of ten people perish even before the end of the first week they set foot in.

If they survive for a year, they can even earn the title of “Veteran.” In this world where parts are in flux, the main character tries to survive with all the advantages he can get a hold of.

S.T.Y.X. Humanhive is a quite different Zombie apocalypse novel. A combination of post-apocalyptic and horror adventure along with game elements are the things that make it a great Zombie LitRPG novel.

There is also the second book, but it’s not about Zombie Apocalypse, so it’s up to you to decide on reading it. Overall, this book was a fantastic read for me, and it throws surprises quite often.

3. The Alpha Virus

The Alpha Virus- Best Zombie LitRPG Books!

The world’s most skilled software developer ends the war by wiping out most of humanity; he decides to include a little surprise: a reality game, The Alpha Virus.

Liza Volkov has been in a survivalist family and escapes to seek fortune in the world, but it has turned out to be a disaster. How will she face the world filled with zombies?

The Alpha Virus is quite a unique take on the Zombie genre. Adding LitRPG theme to the survival zombie story makes it exciting, but the author made it a completely epic one.

There is literally no humor in it because every scene is filled with intense situations. You have a strong female lead in it, and since she has been preparing for the apocalypse, she’s also quite badass.

2. The Land of the Undying: Dark Elf Chronicles

Dark Elf Chronicles- Best Zombie LitRPG Books!

Shari is a medical student while Mace is a coder, but they never thought they’d be facing a Zombie Apocalypse among the few survivors. The undead consumes everything on their way, and no place is safer.

They have the option of uploading themselves into a virtual reality game permanently and use their exceptional abilities as Elf and Drow to survive in that world. How are they planning on doing it, though?

It has one of the best mixes of real-life story and virtual game story in the LitRPG genre I’ve read until now. Seamless switching between the story modes makes it even more exciting, and it shows you great potential right from the beginning.

A post-apocalyptic theme with a bit of romance always sparks interest in you, doesn’t it? So, if you’re looking for some good zombie LitRPG books, then this one is for you.

1. Necrotic Apocalypse

Ravenous: A Zombie Apocalypse LitRPG- Best Zombie LitRPG Books!

Digby Graves found himself 800 years in the future while he was supposed to be dead. In addition, his body is coursing through necrotic magic that lets him control zombies.

As the world is an apocalypse now, he tries to survive by getting his skills honed to the limits, and in his journey, he meets new accomplices. But he had to control his cravings for humans and maintain morals to find out the truth.

Ravenous has to be one of the most fun-to-read litrpg books out there. The story is very well written, and if you are a fan of old zombie hits like Night of the Living Dead, you’ll find this one extraordinarily entertaining but with RPG elements.

Overall, I enjoyed this book immensely, and it made me laugh and cringe at times. If you haven’t read a good zombie novel with RPG elements in a while, it’ll definitely fill that gap for you.

Conclusive Thoughts!

It’s pretty hard to find zombie LitRPG novels because there are rarely a few. Still, I have been reading them for over a year now and have read all the ones I could find. These ten books so far have been on my mind.

We hope you’ll love reading these books. Also, we’ll appreciate it if you read the books on Amazon Kindle by supporting the authors. So, what are your thoughts on the list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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