Beyblade Burst Sparking Reveals Exciting Trailer for Its Next Month Premiere! (2020)

beyblade burst sparking

Beyblade Burst Sparking anime will premiere on April 3!

If you have to recall a few anime from your childhood, then Beyblade is not an exception to include in your list. It has been with us for many years and kept entertaining us for a long time. And now it is back with its new project known as Beyblade Burst Sparking.

This Year’s April issue of Shogakukan‘s Monthly Coro CoroComics magazine reveals the info about its new project on Saturday. The anime is going to premiere on CoroCoro Channel and the Takara Tomy Channel on April 3 at 4.00 pm JST(Japan Standard Time).

The creators don’t want to disappoint the manga lovers, and the anime Beyblade Burst Sparking will get a manga by Hiro Morita. Beyblade series has been a significant part of our lives, and since the new project is not so far, I know you’re as excited as everyone is. Well, the trailer also seems pretty high, and it almost brings back memories of the original series. You can watch the trailer here:

The story is similar to the original series; it centers around two brothers Hikaru and Hyuga Asahi, who participate in an all-star battle that features “Legendary Bladers” from the Beyblade Burst series. It seems like this is not going to be just anime; instead, it is back with even more epicness.

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The Beyblade Burst Sparking anime cast includes:

  • Natsumi Fujiwara as Hyuga Asahi
  • Haruka Tomatsu as Hikaru Asahi
  • Marina Inoue as Valt Aoi
  • Tomoko Ikeda as Agia Akaba
  • Megumi Han as Drum Koryu
  • Juna Enoki as Shu Kurenai
  • Fumihiro Okabayashi as Rantaro Kiyama
  • Romi Park as Rui Shirasakijo
  • Takuma Terashima as Sisco Carlisle
  • Ryoko Shiraishi as Free De La Hoya

Hiro Morita is credited with the original work, Katsuhito Akiyama is the chief director, and Jin Gu Oh is the director of the anime. Hideki Sonoda oversees the script, and Toshiaki Ohashi is the character designer. This project also includes new toys that include a new launcher, and other parts will launch on March 28. This launcher creates sparks when used, and it will mark the first in the 21-year-old franchise.

The Beyblade Bust Rise anime, which is the prequel for this series, is debuted in Japan in last April with the title Beyblade Burst GT on the Coro Coro Comics and Tokara Tomy channels. And the English dub for the anime premiered on Disney Xd that is a platform for many similar shows.

The original Beyblade Burst anime began premiering in Japan in April 2016, which later followed by the Beyblade Burst God “second season” in 2017 and then BeybladeBurst Chozetsu in 2018. Well, since the anime is not so far, everyone will be excited about its premiere. Until then, stay tuned for more updates!

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