Bible Black Watch Order: Easiest Guide for You!

bible black watch order

If there is a masterpiece in the hentai genre, then it is Bible Black. With an amazing storyline and art, this has become my favorite hentai. In fact, It made me watch twice for the plot alone.

There are a few parts, and it wouldn’t be better to watch it in an improper order. So, we’ve made a Bible Black watch order guide to save your trouble, and we hope you’ll love watching this hentai.

Bible Black Watch Order!

1. Bible Black

Bible Black Watch Order!
No. of Episodes: 06

Bible Black is like a portal to this hentâi’s world. Once you’ve made up your mind to watch it, start with this one so that you can have the best experience.

It starts the story with some steamy scenes and slowly takes the story into a thrilling side. Of all parts, this one is my favorite, and I’m sure you’ll love it too. So, we suggest you start with this part from our Bible Black watch order.

2. Bible Black Origins

Bible Black Watch Order!
No. of Episodes: 02

As the name suggests, this is a prequel of Bible Black’s first part. It tells the origin of the book and how Kitami Reika has become such a person in the first season.

So, it is also fine if you watch this first, but you won’t be able to enjoy the thrill as much as you get from watching this later.

3. Bible Black: New Testament

Bible Black Watch Order!
No. of Episodes: 06

This series sets after the first two parts and involves a whole lot of new & hot characters. You get as many [email protected] scenes in this one as you got in the first part.

The story revolves around an element “Spear of Longinus,” and it also encloses some of the significant details. So, we recommend you watch this part only after you’re done with the first two seasons.

4. Bible Black Only Version

Bible Black Watch Order!
No. of Episodes: 03

Bible Black Only Version shows you some amazing sexual misadventures of the characters from the previous seasons. Although it isn’t related to the original storyline, this hentâi is worth the watch.

It also contains some additional footages that are only available in the original DVDs of previous seasons. So, make sure to watch this one too if possible.

Bible Black: Imari Ryoujoku Genba

Bible Black Watch Order!
No. of Episodes: 1 (Special)

This is a special episode that focuses on Imari, who becomes the rape victim when she leaves school at late hours. Although it is extra, it has some sensual scenes and released as a part of a boxset in 2006.

So, once you finish watching all the previous parts, just give a peek at this one, and we’re sure you’ll love it. Thus, our Bible Black watch order suggests you follow this order.

A Quick Review on Bible Black!

I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again: Bible Black is a masterpiece of the hentai genre. We rarely see any hentai with a good plot, but Bible Black perfectly executed every aspect without the shortage of sex scenes.

Bible Black Watch Order!

More importantly, it is uncensored, and there is no end to entertainment as long as you follow our Bible Black watch order. If you’re thinking of watching it, make sure you do.

Final Thoughts!

Since we’ve come to a conclusion, it is time you continue with your watch and have fun. But before you watch it, make sure to watch it in the order and in that way, you won’t get confused at all.

So, if you think our article helped you in some way, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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