10 BL Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi You’ll Love Reading!

manhua like mo dao zu shi

Mo Dao Zu Shi, otherwise known as “The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation,” is one of the most popular and best BL manhuas out there.

With perfection in every genre, the reader can’t help but admire how good this manhua gets. So, are you looking for manhua similar to Mo Dao Zu Shi?

Here is the list of BL Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi that you’ll love reading, and make sure to check out the whole list.

Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi!

1. Heaven Official’s Blessing

Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi!

Xie Lan was the crown prince of the kingdom eight hundred years ago and was beloved by his citizens by ascending to the heavens at a very young age.

Now, he ascends to the Heavens the third time by becoming a laughing stock, and as his first task, he meets a demon king who terrifies the heavens.

Both manhuas are based on novels written by the same author, and eventually, you’ll get similar vibes from them. These both are historical and shown gay love remarkably.

Also, both utilize the concept of Cultivation in the most efficient way, and Heaven Official’s Blessing also has an anime adaptation.

2. Prime Minister in Disguise

Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi!

Liu ChengFeng enters the palace to win a favorable impression of the emperor for the sake of his younger sister.

In the process, not only he has to fight but also has to fall in love with the emperor? What would happen to him if the emperor finds out the truth?

Both Mo Dao Zu Shi and Prime Minister in Disguise are set in ancient China, or you can say in a historical period, and are BL Manhuas.

While both have love complications between the main leads, if you loved one of them, I’m pretty sure you’ll love the other one.

3. Tale of Dragon Morph

Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi!

Tian QONG turned into a dragon to avenge everyone who betrayed him. But he still wants to be a disciple of Heng Yu, his master.

Tale of Dragon Morph‘s plot is similar to Mo Dao Zu Shi. The Mc resembles Wei Wuxian, and his master gives vibes the same as Lan Wangji.

Although the story is not as detailed as “The Founder of Diabolism,” it is still a pretty good read.

4. The Prince’s Hungry

Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi!

Kui Qiu time traveled from a modern city to an ancient village with poor necessities. With his family’s situation, he is faced with debt and a disabled sister.

To grant his survival, a bag of vegetables and groceries he brought from the supermarket comes into action. But is it going to be enough?

Although the storyline seems entirely different, it is definitely a manhua like Ma Dao Zu Shi. I mean, the ancient China settingLGBTQ romancepolitical mysteries, and what else!

I feel if you loved Mo Dao Zu Shi manhua, then you’ll this one for sure. And it shows the romance perfectly between the main characters, as in between Wei Ying and Lan Zhan.

5. Spiritpact

Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi!

Yang Jinghua wakes up ten years younger after a traffic accident. However, a Spirit Cleanser appears out of nowhere and forms a pact with him which results in a deep relationship.

Spiritpact shows Chinese culture and mythology beautifully. Though Mo Dao Zu Shi is set in the ancient world, and Spiritpact is set in the modern world.

Mo Dao Zu Shi easily surpasses Spiritpact in both the feels and acts. Regardless, you’ll spirit pact with all your heart.

6. Lone Swan

Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi!

Yiqiu Shen meets a man named Luofeng Yan after losing his memory. Once he gets back his memories, he discovers his previous love, and together, Yan and Shen reveal the hidden truth of the martial world.

Just by glancing at the plot, you could tell the storyline is almost like Mo Dao Zu Shi. Not just the premise, the characters have a similar feel.

The artwork is gorgeous, the execution of the plot is exceptional, and more importantly, the chemistry between the characters is notable.

7. The Emperor’s Strategy

Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi!

Chu Yuan is born into a royal family and ascending to the throne at age 18, he has too many burdens to take. However, Duan Baiyue chooses to become his best assistant.

Just as Mo Dao Zu Shi, there is a lot of political occurrences in this manhwa. The artwork is very similar, and the chemistry between the man leads is too good.

So, if you’re looking for a BL Manhua, then this one is a must-read for you.

8. At the End of the Road

Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi!

The story follows Taemin, who finds himself in the body of a student who constantly gets bullied. Although his life changes vastly, he meets a person named Woojin.

For some reason, Woojin recognizes this person as Taemin. What could have happened between them in the past? Could they be lovers?

Although this manhwa might not be set in a historical setting, it has a great romance and connection between the characters reminding me of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji.

So, if you love BL Manhwa/manga, then try this one out. It is sure to fill the void left by Mo Dao Zu Shi.

9. Da Zhu Zai

Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi!

In the Great Thousand World, many people strive to become “The Great Ruler.” Many Heavenly Sovereigns compete for the position.

However, to break through all the obstacles to secure that seat, one boy from the Northern Spiritual Realm who rides on Nine Netherworld Bird stands above them all.

The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation and Da Zhu Zai share a lot of similarities in terms of settings and action.

Although Da Zhu Zai isn’t a BL manhua, its historical theme, cultivation concept, and romance feel a lot similar to Mo Dao Zu Shi.

10. No. 6

Manhua like Mo Dao Zu Shi!

The story follows a boy named Shion, a boy who is raised in an elite environment in a dystopian city.

Shion soon encounters Nezumi, who later helps him survive and entangles him in a mystery that threatens their very existence.

It is not a Chinese BL manhua but a manga with a yaoi theme. Although it doesn’t set in the historical period, I think it is similar to Mo Dao Zu Shi.

The characters, moments, and whole romance thing give you similar vibes. So, it is a BL manga like Mo Dao Zu Shi you must read.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Well, it seems like we’ve reached an end to the list. With this list, you can fill the void left by Mo Dao Zu Shi and with different concepts.

So, how was your read with Mo Dao Zu Shi, and who was your favorite character from it? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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