One Piece and Black Clover Will Return Back to the Screens!

one piece and black clover

It’s not a new statement we’re bringing in for you, but as you all know, there were quite a few anime delayed because of COVID-19. To bring out a few examples, then the top ones would be One Piece, Black Clover and Pokemon or at least that’s what we thought.

And for the people who are expecting their return, it seems like your appeal has gotten into the ears of the franchise. The anime shows Black Clover, One Piece and Digimon Adventure are finally back in action. So, do you want to know more about them? Let’s get into the news then, Shall we?

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Black Clover and One Piece are back in action!

It has been nearly two months since both Black Clover and One Piece released their last episodes. However, they’re finally back with to continuation. As it turns out, One Piece will return on June 28 and Black Clover will premiere on July 7. Well, this news wasn’t so hard to get into the public since it was announced in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

one piece and black clover

Black Clover will hit up the screens of fans with episode 133 and One Piece with episode 930, just in case if you lost track of them. Both of these anime aired their previous episodes back in April and delayed due to COVID-19. To be more informative, One Piece aired its previous episode on April 19 while Black Clover did it on April 28.

While One Piece fans are excited to see what happens next after witnessing the bond between Luffy and Old man Hyo, Black Clover fans are waiting to see what happens next with Mereoleona who is as a certified badass. Well, not just these two but there are many astonishing mysteries to be solved. But since if we shared them now, we might end up spoiling you. So, its better to conclude here (After all, our task of letting you know the release dates is fulfilled).


Well, that’s all there is to it. We hope you’re satisfied with our post. Are you excited about the upcoming episodes are both these top-notch anime shows Black Clover and One Piece? And what do you think about them? Leave your thoughtful comments below.

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