Blue Period Anime Gets Delayed by Another Week Outside Japan!

blue period anime delayed

As we know, Netflix has already been streaming the Blue Period anime with a two-week delay. Unfortunately, it seems there will be another week’s delay for the upcoming episode, which is Episode 7.

DMM, the official website for entertainment in Japan, announced on Wednesday that starting from the 7th episode of The Blue Period anime, the schedule will be pushed back by a week time due to some unforeseen production issues.

Although the anime’s official website didn’t mention Japan’s airing delay, it is only outside Japan. Since DMM Pictures is one of the main producers for this anime, this information is quite credible.

blue period anime delayed

The anime was debuted on September 25 on Netflix in Japan, and since then, it has been airing the anime on various channels like MBS, TBS, and another 26 affiliates all this time. Starting from October 9, Netflix began streaming anime outside Japan.

So, the anime was already delayed a couple of weeks outside Japan, and now, we have another week’s delay added to it. If you have been watching the anime since the first episode’s premiere, you might have to wait seven more days to view another episode.

Well, how are you taking this news? Are you disappointed to hear it? Or can you wait for another week so that it will be even more exciting? Whatever your thoughts may be, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork!

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