Should You Watch Boku no Pico?

boku no pico

If there is any anime out there with vast popularity even though it is considered as [email protected], then the word you’ll remember is ‘Boku no Pico.’ Whenever you’re trying to find a new anime to watch or you’re new to anime, you encounter this recommendation in the form of teasing. But why do people keep recommending this? Is it that good? or it has some kind of huge fan service? Well, first of all, let’s see if you should watch it or not.

Should You Watch Boku no Pico? 

Reasons Not to Watch Boku no Pico!

boku no pico

Before all else, let’s see why you shouldn’t be watching it because if you’ve seen cons first, you’ll have a diverse opinion on the show. So, here we go with the reasons why you shouldn’t watch Boku no Pico.

Inappropriate for Some People

Nor everybody like Boku no Pico neither they dislike it. It certainly has both types of audiences. But some people find it disturbing and inappropriate. First of all, the way they show the relationship between the leads feels quite unusual for normal watchers. No wonder they find it inappropriate.

Child Pϴrno

Basically, it is an offendable way to involve a loli with an elder [email protected] However, they do it in a nauseous way in this [email protected] So, there’s no way some of the audience hate it or despise it.

Reasons to Watch Boku no Pico!

boku no pico review

Now let’s see in the view of the positive audience. While there is a massive percentage of audiences who didn’t like Boku no Pico, there are people who love it.

A Toast for [email protected] Fans

In the world of anime, there are different tastes and everybody has a liking for a certain genre. Boku no Pico might not be for normal people but some yaoi fans over the world love it. Particularly, it has so many good elements that yaoi fans like, and it has shown it in a unique way.

Cute Trap

If you’re familiar with the word ‘Trap’ in the anime world, then you should also know what it is. In simple words, a ‘trap’ is a person who looks like a girl due to his appearance but turns out to be a boy in the end. In ‘Boku no Pico,’ we have a cute trap who does lovely things. So, it is one of the positive reasons why you should watch it.

Great Sound Effects

What is the most important aspect of a [email protected] anime? Undoubtedly, it is sound because most people get turned on by the voice. Boku no Pico has some great sound effects and both the voice actors had done an incredible job. If you’ve watched a few [email protected] [email protected] anime, then you should know how tough it is to make two main leads connect to the audience. In that aspect, Boku no Pico easily tops the rest.


Well, it seems like we’re done with the review. Here we explained our opinions on Boku no Pico in both positive way and negative ways so that you can decide whether to watch it or not. Now it’s up to you to decide but if you ask us a one-sided opinion, we’d recommend you to watch it.

It doesn’t hurt to try out new things so just think of it as a new experience and give it a try. We’re sure it won’t be as bad as you’d expect and with this, we conclude our review on Boku no Pico. If you have any questions or comments regarding this hentai, make sure to drop them in the comment section below.

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