Boruto Chapter 48: Release Date and Details to Know!

Boruto Chapter 48 will release on July 20!

It’s been over a month since the last chapter of Boruto manga released or Should I say its exactly twenty-six days? But the previous chapter was kind of intense and even there was a great surprise in the end. The story is just getting exciting, and we’ve yet to learn more about the unfolded mysteries behind Jigen’s plan. So, let’s discuss our opinions on Boruto chapter 48, and we’ll also let you know about the release date as a bonus.

Boruto Chapter 48 Update is Here!

Since the last month, there hasn’t been a single chapter of Boruto that released accordingly. But the good news is Boruto Chapter 48 will release on July 20, 2020. Its been a month and as I’ve been feeling anxious about the next chapter, I hope you are too. So, let’s see what happened in the previous chapter of Boruto manga.

Boruto Chapter 47 Recap!

So far, chapter 47 of the manga was intense and almost all of our doubts have been cleared with the chapter. It was action-packed with an intense plot, and there were many details about the sign on Boruto’s hand (Karma). The chapter began as Isshiki and Koji battled and even though Koji had the upper hand, never thought that Isshiki would be able to reincarnate himself though Kawaki’s Karma.

boruto chapter 48

Killing Isshiki would’ve solved almost half of the problems, but now the story is finally taking its turn. In the end, we get to see the true identity of Koji. He is none other than the clone of Jiraya made using the Ninja Scientific Technology. Even though we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next chapter of Boruto, we can at least predict those.

Boruto Chapter 48 Discussions!

boruto chapter 48

At the moment, there is no room for the spoilers of the next chapter. However, the question is, will Koji be able to defeat Jigen? That we can’t say easily but considering each other’s abilities and Koji’s plan, he might get close. After all, even Naruto and Sasuke couldn’t defeat Jigen when he was at his full power.

But now the case is different since Jigen spent most of his chakra in the battle against Naruto and he has been restoring at the moment. Well, we’ll just have to wait a few more days to view it.


That’s all for it. Boruto manga’s next chapter is definitely going to be awesome. Although there are some things we’re curious about, let’s just wish manga gets better. I am curious about one thing is that who is the scientist that revealed all the details? And is he the one who created Jiraya’s clone or someone behind it? Well, what are your thoughts in the previous chapter? And what are you expecting from Boruto chapter 48? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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