Boruto Filler List: The Ultimate Anime Filler Guide!

boruto filler list

Boruto is the lastest anime that follows the after story of Naruto Shippuden. Even though the story has been evolved with a great concept, there is something that’s dragging it down. And the something is its fillers which appear throughout the series.

Out of 157 episodes, Boruto has over 90 fillers which makes it 60% of the anime as filler content. Fillers can be irritating and here we’re presenting with Boruto filler list to make you feel better. Enjoy your watch with this informative Boruto filler list.

Boruto Filler List!

Filler List

16-17, 33-34, 40-50, 67-140, 152-156

Manga Canon Episodes

1-15, 18-32, 35-37, 39, 53-59, 61-66, 148-151

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes

18, 24, 51, 61, 93-95, 106-111

Note: Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes contain some part of additional content that doesn’t exist in the manga. On the other hand, manga canon episodes define the story that follows the original events of the manga. But to enjoy and understand the anime completely, you need to watch these Mixed Canon Episodes too.

Or simply read the manga to avoid any unnecessary fillers and get through the story without any interruptions.

Boruto Fillers That Are Worth Watching!

boruto filler list

Even though most of the Boruto is filled with filler episodes, you can watch a few of them. They aren’t just funny but also adventurous and some of these fillers even have a good plot. So, we thought it would be better to include a few fillers in the Boruto filler list for you.

  1. Byakuya Gang Arc (43-51)
  2. Genin Mission Arc (40-42)
  3. Chocho Arc (67-70)
  4. Konohamaru Arc (112-119)
  5. One-Tail Escort Arc (120-126)
  6. The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden Sand (Episode 60)


There you go. The ultimate filler guide of Boruto is here and we hope our Boruto filler list is helpful to you. If there are any doubts regarding the post, feel free to ask us. So, if you want a second opinion on watching the fillers, we’d recommend you try the above ones from the Boruto filler list. Well then, are you enjoying the anime so far? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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