Brave Browser Review: My Anime Companion!

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Brave Browser- A Browser with an Unimaginable Features!

Hey there! It’s not that I want to hit you with a question right at the beginning of our post, but where do you watch anime? If you ask me, most of the time, I watch anime in a browser or simply download it. There are times I sought other sources to watch anime but couldn’t get a good experience because of various reasons. So, I got back to my old self and started watching them in Google Chrome. But maybe God doesn’t want me to be happy. There was something wrong with Google Chrome. It got slower, and my computer kept crashing again and again.

Finally, when I looked into the article of TechBaked about Chrome 80 facing lags, I thought its better to shift into another browser. There you go, my search for a perfect browser has begun, and I tried many browsers, including the new Microsoft Edge browser. Those didn’t work either; instead, some of them gave even the worst experience than Chrome. But after some browser hunting, I found the best alternative for Chrome, and it is Brave Browser. Let’s see the five reasons which made me write this review about the Brave Browser.

Brave Browser Review!

Built-In Ad Blocker- Brave Shields

The most irritating and annoying thing we encounter while watching our favorite anime is Ads. Even when we’re looking for an anime to download, you can’t pass without getting caught by the ads. That’s where I loved Brave Browser. By default, it has an inbuilt adblocker. The company calls it Brave Shields, and you might as well call it the same so you can use the option of adblocking whenever you want.

brave browser Adblocker

It gets rid of bothersome ads and trackers from the webpages. This way, you don’t have to go through the same tabs again and again by clicking the bait links. Brave Shield is also useful in managing the cookies of a site. With this enabled, I found that most of the websites I’ve opened in the past made progress in loading time. In addition to these, it even blocks auto-playing videos and makes you experience even better. These are some of the reasons why I am still using the Brave Browser.

User Interface

One of the best things in Brave Browser you can see right after you open is its UI. Once you install the Browser, it leaves you with many options of convenience. From the search engine to the theme of the Browser, everything is up to you. If you’re attached to Google Chrome that you can’t abandon it so quickly, don’t worry, Brave Browser has the UI familiar to that of Chrome. Although all of the above reasons are for your personal experience, it is always good to have some features.

brave browser- interface

Despite these, the most useful thing in the Brave Browser is you’ll see your most visited pages. With this feature, you don’t have to search your favorite anime website by going into the search tab; instead, you can just use the shortcut. Its interface is the best one among the browsers I have used until now. If you get to the New Tab page, you’ll see plenty of features that will be helpful to you in many situations, and that includes your most visited websites, Bookmarks, etc. Overall, you can’t deny the elegance of the interface of the Brave Browser.


Its either an app or a website, if its performance is not right, no one can withstand it. Unlike other Chromium Browsers, it doesn’t use much RAM. And its speed is relatively better compared to the past ones I’ve used. Delivering a better speed while consuming the less amount of RAM isn’t something that can’t you can easily find in Browsers. Well, thanks to the Brave Browser, it is possible.

brave browser- performance

When you try to watch a new anime, it doesn’t feel good if the browser you’re using is incapable of loading the sites faster. Sometimes our mood might spoil just because of it. But with the Brave Browser, you don’t have to worry about that since it gives you the best experience and performance. And it also claims that it is 3x to 6x times faster than the Chromium browsers at opening websites. All these features helped in the performance of Brave Browser, and somehow, it made my experience better.

Privacy & Security

Like how we talked about Brave Shields at the beginning of our post, Brave Browser is known for its Privacy and Security. And it keeps your browsing data private and protects you from the malware attacks. And most of those happen by the participation of Brave Shields, This way, you don’t have to worry about browsing private websites, and you can even use them comfortably.

brave browser- privacy

With HTTPS Everywhere, Brave makes you feel safe, and indeed it is a privacy-focussed browser. Besides privacy, it also helps you in browsing multiple websites in alternate tabs. In addition to these, Brave Browser also offers Tor browsing, which is quite useful to protect your identity. Well, with all these advantages at us, we can’t deny its privacy.

Brave Rewards

Here’s the most exciting part of the post. Have you ever wondered that it would be nice to earn money while we just watch anime all the time? Brave helps us make money while we enjoy watching our favorite anime. Brave Browser offers rewards for its users in terms of BAT (Basic Attention Token). But how do you get these earnings? Simple, by viewing the ads that pop-up while using the browser. Woah, Wait! Brave blocks the ads, but why does it pop ads to interrupt our experience? Well, brave ads are not like those annoying ads we experience. They just in the right bottom corner, and whether if you want to view it or not is up to you.

brave browser- rewards

But the rewards you earn in the browser are stocked up as BAT. To withdraw them, you need to create an Uphold account, and from there, you can transfer the amount. And one more interesting fact about it is, BAT value changes from time to time, just like the US dollar. So, you might make some good earnings if you play it right. Who would ignore the free money we get by using a browser with all these incredible features?

If you want to download it, you can find it here: Brave Browser

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