Chainsaw Man Manga Wins Best Manga Award at Harvey Awards!

chainsaw man manga

Chainsaw Man has to be one of the sensations we have heard a lot recently. It’s known for its dark theme and crazy characters, and at some point, everyone who read it might have wanted more recognition for it.

On Friday, The Harvey Awards, which rewards outstanding manga and comical works, awarded Chainsaw Man manga with the Best Manga Award. It is definitely a well-deserved award for the creator Tatsuki Fujimoto because the manga is Goated!

Fujimoto-san shared his words during the ceremony:

Thank you for the insanely awesome award! It’s the best award for any awards that exist in America! I consider this crude manga of mine unbefitting of any award, but I plan to continu packing it full of all the things that I love.
If you ever happen to be handing out awards again, hit m up! Thank you very much!

In the award nominations, Chainsaw Man manga competed against Asadora! (Naoki Urasawa), Boys Run the Riot (Keito Gaku), Reina (Junjo Ito), and SPY x FAMILY (Tatsuya Endo).

Here is the tweet from the Official Twitter account of Harvey Awards:

The event organizers elected manga creator Rumiko Takahashi as one of the five members for their Hall of Fame this year. Bernie Wrightson, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Barry Windsor-Smith, and Michael Kaluta being the other Hall of Fame members.

The Best Manga category hasn’t been on the catalog of Harvey Awards until 2018. The list of award winners since 2018:

  • My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness (Manga by Kabi Nagata): 2018
  • My Hero Academia (Manga by Kohei Horikoshi): 2019
  • Witch hat Atelier (Manga by Kamome Shirahama): 2020
  • Chainsaw Man (Manga by Tatasuki Fujimoto): 2021

Even in previous years, manga were nominated alongside other few comics in the “Best American Edition of Foreign Material” category.

  • In 2014, Attack on Titan manga won the award in this category and it was the only one since then.
  • IN 2016, One Punch Man and Showa: A History of Japan were nominated in the category but did not win.
  • “Best American Edition of Foreign Material” is now no longer a category, so we won’t see another manga from there.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork!

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