Top 20 Cheerful/Happy Anime Characters to Brighten Up Your Day!

Happy Anime Characters List

Today you are going to meet some exciting characters who always tend to be happy, cheerful, kind and optimistic in every situation. We hope you people can connect with them.

So, let’s begin the list of happy anime characters who can brighten up your day with their presence alone.

Most Cheerful/Happy Anime Characters List!

20. Happy

Happy- Most Cheerful/Happy Anime Characters List!
  • Anime: Fairy Tail
  • Traits: Happy, Cheerful

Happy’s character goes perfectly with his name. Just like Hawk, Happy is the mascot of the show. And he always comes along with all the giggles and all the “awws.”

He is very well aware of etiquette, it is shown that he is always there to be Natsu’s hype man, and always addresses “Aye sir” when an adventure opens its doors to the protagonists.

He gets a female counterpart, later on, creating yet another duo of positivity and brand marketing.

19. Mako Mankanshoku

Mako Makanshoku- Most Cheerful/Happy Anime Characters List!
  • Anime: Kill La Kill
  • Traits: Energetic, Optimistic

Mako Mankanshoku is one of the happiest anime girls from the Kill la Kill anime. A goofy girl who attends Honnōji Academy, lives with her parents and her brother and is the best friend of Ryūko Matoi. 

Mako is a very hyperactive girl who easily befriends anyone. She becomes a close companion of Ryūko very quickly. She is lazy, as shown in how she goes to sleep as soon as class begins, contrary to her hyperactivity.

Besides that, Mako is obsessed with wealth due to her poor background and is also obsessed with food, like the rest of her family. Mako values friendship a lot, and she says, “Winning with friendship means winning at life!”

18. Edward Wong

Edward Wong- Most Cheerful/Happy Anime Characters List!
  • Anime: Cowboy Bebop
  • Traits: Eccentric, Resourceful, Happy

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV is a major character in the anime series Cowboy Bebop. She is an elite net-diver from Earth and a hacker known as “Radical Edward”.

Ed has shown many character traits that are common in a teenager. She is an eccentric genius and a wild animal. She is free-spirited and shows emotion sometimes by growling or howling like a dog. Rarely does she walk normally; instead, she prefers to run with her arms flailing or crawling on the ground. rolling in somersaults or walking on her hands.

She always talks about herself from a third-person perspective, and will sometimes respond to others in nonsensical phrases. However, there is also plenty of evidence that underneath her eccentricities she is a kind and caring girl.

17. Hana Fountainstand

Hana Fountainstand- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: Hanayamata
  • Traits: Energetic, Cheerful

Hana N. Fountainstand is the deuteragonist of Hanayamata series and one of the happiest anime girls we came across. She is from Princeton, New Jersey. But she lived there for a short period of her childhood and then moved to Japan.

Hana is a very active and energetic girl who often gets over-excited and dances in dangerous places. However, she does not fail to support her friends whenever needed.

Occasionally, Hana’s activity seems to irritate Yaya Sasame, who dislikes her for a while when they encounter each other. She also presents a very determined personality, not giving up on the search for Yosakoi members. She is also very positive and can be seen often cheering Naru Sekiya up when she makes a mistake.

16. Vash The Stampede

Vash The Stampede - Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: Trigun
  • Traits: Friendly, Kind, Cheerful

Vash the Stampede is the main protagonist of the anime series Trigun. Vash is known as The Humanoid Typhoon due to the destruction and chaos that often surrounds him. Holding a huge nickel revolver, he travels from town to learn new things and to protect what his adoptive mother, Rem, treasured the most: love and peace.

Vash displays throughout the anime a very distinct personality. He usually exaggerates foolish characteristics to hide his identity, as well as to mask his pain. He exhibits an obsessive love of doughnuts and is a kind yet outgoing, cheerful character.

15. Licht von Granzreich

Licht von Granzreich- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: The Royal Tutor
  • Traits: Confident, Explorer, Cheerful

Licht von Granzreich is the fifth prince of the Kingdom of Granzreich. Licht displays a childish and flirtatious personality, and he loves to wander the city.

Not only is he clever, but also perceptive. He uses his persona to his advantage. He is particular about what he likes. Heine described Licht as an ordinary person by his ability and personality; according to him, he is weaker in the humanities than math and science.

He is well aware of his shortcomings and believes that he excels at understanding and socializing with the commoners, but after living a day as a commoner, he realizes that he still has more to learn.

14. Leone

Leone- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: Akame Ga Kill!
  • Traits: Upbeat, Carefree, Optimistic

Leone is the protagonist of the anime series Akame ga Kill! as well as one of the older members of the assassination group, Night Raid. She excelled at gathering information and exercising calm judgement when needed.

Leone is a relaxed, sarcastic and cheerful woman, and tends to display a lack of ladylike manners, such as putting her feet on the table or consuming large amounts of Sake. She is a sort of big sister figure to Tatsumi and younger members in Night Raid, usually referring to herself as “Onee-san” or “Big Sis”.

Despite the morally dodgy nature that she sometimes displayed, Leone is less tolerable of injustice, and can be vicious to those who committed the vilest of acts. She enjoys fighting her enemies, according to Najenda and it can be said by her voice that she is too carefree and optimistic.

13. Minori Kushieda

Minori Kushieda- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: Toradora!
  • Traits: Energetic, Cheerful

Minori Kushieda is a girl in Ryūji’s class, and she is Taiga’s best friend. Contrary to the violent nature of Taiga, Minori is always smiling and cheerful. She is known to all by her pet name “Minorin”. Her parents usually cannot be around because of their job, and Minori is the one who takes care of her younger brother.

She is an athlete and the captain of the softball team. Simultaneously, she has served various roles in various jobs. She works because she would rather not bother anyone and wants to save a lot of money; her dream is to get into a sports university and aim for the national softball league.

She calls herself a ‘diet warrior’ while she is a complete glutton. Likewise, she gets a thrill out of being scared. It is implied that her air-headed tendencies may be a facade. She is very cheerful, energetic, hyperactive, and friendly as well. And despite her air-headed tendencies, she is very perceptive.

12. Hajime Shinoda

Hajime Shinoda- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: New Game!
  • Traits: Loud, Friendly, Energetic

Hajime Shinoda is a member of a motion team of the company Eagle Jump and one of the happy anime characters that we know of. Although she is a member of the motion team. Just like her appearance, Hajime acts like a tomboy.

She waves her sword-like items amazingly to visualize the motions she wants. Hajime is loud and friendly, and greets her co-workers saying “Hey people!! ‘Sup!”.

She likes watching anime, especially heroic ones. The detective series ‘Dandy’ is her favorite. Hajime is also a massive Otaku and loves collecting toys, models and figures.

Due to her fanboying over anime and television and buying too many toys and figurines, she frequently gets broke. She loves bringing her new items to work and displaying them on her desk.

11. Kongou

Kongou- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: Kantai Collection
  • Traits: Cheerful, Hyperactive

Kongou, which means “indestructible”, named after Mount Kongou, was a warship of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War I and World War II. She was the first battlecruiser of the Kongō class, among the most heavily armed ships in any navy when built.

Kongou has long brown hair bunched into two braided buns. She wears a black skirt. All the Kongou-class wear a modified miko uniform with differently colored skirts and thigh-highs. They all wear the same signature winged headband.

She loves to talk in a way, mixing Japanese sentences with random English words. Her catchphrase (from her speech when firing) is “Burning Love!” She ends many of her sentences with a strange English accent, usually exaggeratedly and whimsically. Kongou is hyperactive and very cheerful and demanding of attention.

10. Aladdin

Aladdin- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: Magi
  • Traits: Kind, Cheerful, Friendly

Aladdin is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Alibaba Saluja) of the anime series Magi. He is a Magi/Magician. Aladdin has a kind and cheerful personality and is easily able to make friends. He had no friends before he arrived in the world, which changes after Ugo’s arrival. He is protective of his friends.

Aladdin offers his opinions and thoughts to everyone. He seems wiser than his age. He has a calm temperament and can stay level-headed in dangerous or dire situations to think up plans and solutions. Furthermore, he is also a very eager learner, demonstrating great enthusiasm in learning magic from Yamraiha and in his classes in Magnostadt.

9. Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: My Hero Academia
  • Traits: Enthusiastic, Kind, Diligent

Izuku Midoriya AKA Deku is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia anime series. Izuku is a student of Class 1-A at U.A. High School. Though by birth he doesn’t have any Quirk, with his innate heroism and a strong sense of justice, he manages to get his Quirk.

Izuku is an enthusiastic, diligent and strong-willed student. He has a strong fascination with heroes and is well-versed with their history. Even sometimes he surprises the heroes themselves with his vast knowledge.

He is prone to geeking out and eager to share his knowledge with others. Of all heroes, the Symbol of Peace, All Might, has impacted Izuku the most. Izuku’s dream drives him to write down notes about everything he learns concerning heroes’ Quirks and fighting capabilities.

Due to this practice, he has developed a great analytical mind and can form complex battle plans in a few seconds. Another side of Izuku is his kindness. He never hesitates to help or rescue someone in danger, even if he knows that he might not be enough to do it. Often, he makes decisions on his instinct and puts himself in danger to help or protect someone.

Izuku has a habit of helping or advising people with their personal and emotional problems, he puts others’ priorities before his. His philosophy is, “It’s not all black-and-white. Most things in this world are in shades of gray. A blend of fear and anger. Which is exactly why… I’ve gotta extend a helping hand!”

8. Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: Attack on Titan
  • Traits: Courageous, Optimistic

Sasha Braus was a member of the Scout Regiment and one of the few former members of the 104th Cadet Corps, of which she was ranked 9th out of the top 10.

Sasha is a friendly, fun-loving and polite girl. Originating from Dauper Village, she had a local accent but actively hid it out of embarrassment by using formal speech, when conversing with her fellow cadets.

Initially, Sasha is somewhat timid and prone to make mistakes when in stressful situations. She was simple-minded and eccentric, but, surprisingly, her intuition was very sharp. During the battle of Shiganshina District, Sasha said, “We’ve gotta try anyways! ‘Cuz unless we fight, we can’t win!”; this is how Sasha is portrayed.

7. Naru Kotoishi

Naru Kotoishi- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: Barakamon
  • Traits: Energetic, Cheerful

Naru Kotoishi is a deuteragonist of Barakamon anime and manga. She is an energetic and cheerful girl who likes to play around like any other kid. She doesn’t seem to understand personal space as any other child.

Furthermore, she has a lot of friends and Seishuu is her best companion and likes to collect strange things such as bugs and shells from the beach (with slugs and other creatures still living inside them). She is portrayed as an adventurous kid, in the first episode where she continually climbs over a tall wall, despite the danger, to watch a beautiful sunset.

She has a habit of imitating the behavior and language of the people she meets, sometimes she utters some words to imitate that she doesn’t understand and makes weird words.

6. Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: My Hero Academia
  • Traits: Cheerful, Goofy, Optimistic

Mirio Togata AKA Lemillion, is a major supporting character in My Hero Academia. He is a student at the prestigious U.A. High School. He is a part of Class 3-B of the Heroes Studies course. Mirio leads the Big Three, the trio Mirio-Nejire-Tamaki who stands at the top of the school, making him the most formidable student in the entire school.

Mirio is portrayed as a goofy and very energetic individual with some peculiar habits, which is contrary to being a top student. Mirio is an utmost optimist person and is always found smiling. His motto is “A world without smiles and humor has no bright future.”

Mirio is a hard worker and constantly looks for ways to elevate his skills and tries to work toward his goals by acquiring different experiences to learn from them. Despite losing his Quirk and his mentor, Mirio remains persistent in his hopes to become a hero. His cheerful personality has not faded, and he is empowered by Sir Nighteye’s final words to him.

5. Soma Yukihira

Soma Yukihira- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: Food Wars!
  • Traits: Energetic, Optimistic

Soma Yukihira is the main protagonist of Food Wars! Soma is an energetic and optimistic boy who has the constant drive to improve his cooking, which mostly originated from his strong relationship and rivalry with his father, Jōichirō Yukihira.

He is confident in his skills and always seeks to challenge others to prove his abilities and test the limits of his cooking. And he remains positive and cool under pressure, never backing out from a challenge, and is constantly trying to learn and evolve. Soma is also flexible and innovative, deviating from ordinary procedures or common recipes. And he creates some of the most unorthodox, but also incredibly delicious dishes the school has ever seen.

Sōma treats everyone equally regardless of their background, while he is belittled by others. He never retorts and rather uses his cooking to respond. Whenever he wins, as he relishes his victory, he even tries to help his opponents become better chefs themselves.

4. Yui Hirasawa

Yui Hirasawa- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: K-On
  • Traits: Risk Taker, Cheerful, Optimistic

Yui Hirasawa is one of the 5 main characters in K-ON!. She is the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time. Hirasawa is a fearless and fun-loving person, who can be defined as an airhead. She is very extroverted and outgoing with people. She loves everything sweet, moreover, she gets her power from sweets.

She is rather lazy and people may envy her because, despite being lazy and eating much, she does not gain weight. She cannot stand either hot or cold weather, so she spends the winter under the kotatsu and rolls around on the floor in the summer in front of the fan to keep cool. She has a unique style statement, she is portrayed as a fashion queen.

3. Asta

Asta- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: Black Cover
  • Traits: Cheerful, Hyperactive, Strong-willed

Asta is an orphan, raised under the care of a church in Hage. He is cheerful and hyperactive and tends to shout to express his thoughts, which shows his exuberance. Asta’s simple yet outgoing personality often plays comedic effects during more serious situations.

Asta has developed a slightly sarcastic nature to defend himself from cruel opinions or insults. He constantly tries to defend his friends as well and has a very strong sense of justice, he also believes that everyone deserves to be protected.

However, Asta also believes that those who have done wrong should work to actively make up for their wrongdoings. He always holds his enemies accountable for their misdeeds and states that he will use his powers to help the people in the capital rather than for revenge.

His open, friendly, and non-judgmental attitude, indomitable will, and stubbornness have earned him the respect of almost everyone he meets. And his innocent and goofy yet chivalrous character has also earned him the affection and respect of women.

2. Goku

Goku- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: Dragon Ball Series
  • Traits: Naive, Pure, Optimistic

Goku was primarily sent to destroy Earth as an infant, where he would have been adopted by Grandpa Gohan, who named him Son Goku. A head injury at an early age altered Goku’s memory, alleviating his initial destructive nature and allowing him to grow up to become one of the Earth’s greatest defenders.

He constantly strives and trains to be the greatest warrior, who has saved the Earth and the universe from destruction many times. Son Goku looks almost exactly like his father, possessing the same spiky black hairstyle, dark-colored eyes, and facial features.

Goku is a representation of humanity. He always gives people a fair chance. For this kind of nature, he can be annoying sometimes to some people, but this is an asset of his characteristics.

He blends his kindness with his superpower, which makes him unique and special. How he thinks like, “But I can’t bear the thought of the blood of everyone back home being on my hands because I couldn’t resist this. This is for them now. Would you help me?”

1. Tohru Honda

Tohru Honda- Happy Anime Characters
  • Anime: Fruits Basket
  • Traits: Altruistic, Cheerful, Optimistic

Our first character, Tohru Honda, is a student and serves an after-school job to pay her tuition fees and to avoid being a burden to her relatives. She loves to cook and presents herself as an excellent housekeeper.

She is depicted as a selfless, compassionate person who puts others before her. She does not hold any grudge against people and is always ready to help them in any situation.

She holds an optimistic and perspective attitude, and says, “just as all good things, happy things, fun things must come to an end… scary and sad things will also come to an end, always.”

Final Thoughts!

These are some characters who are not just happy, they mostly want to make people happy. We hope you liked these characters. Which character(s) attract(s) you the most, and why? Share your thoughts with us.

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