Child of Kamiari Month (Japanese Mythology Inspired) Anime Film Lined Up for 2021!

Child of Kamiari Month anime film

With many films are making their way into the Japanese anime industry, there are a few films that can create history. Generally, these films comprise Japanese myth-related stories, and “Child of Kamiari Month” is such a type of anime film. The film was initially set to release in 2020, but due to some reasons, it postponed to 2021. Let’s dig up a bit deep from the news below.

Child of Kamiari Month Postpones to 2021

Cretica Universal is the creator company of the upcoming film “Child of Kamiari Month,” and they announced today that the anime would release in 2021. The staff also announced three new prominent voice cast members.

child of kamiari month

The three main voice cast members of the anime include: 

  • Aju Makita- Kanna (Protagonist)
  • Maaya Sakamoto- Shiro (A one-winged rabbit messenger of the gods)
  • Miyu Irino- Yato (an oni boy)

These three main characters seem to have pretty much screen time basing on their roles. Cretica Universal announced this project along with the crowdfunding project back in March 2019. The first and second crowdfunding campaigns lasted until August last year, and the company already announced its third crowdfunding that will end on June 1 this year.

The story of “Child of Kamiari Month” is about a girl named Kanna who loses her will of running after her mother passes away. One day she meets a Rabbit Shiro who is the messenger of the gods and an Oni boy named Yato. And she is invited to Izumo city, where she crosses boundaries between humans and gods. This anime includes a lot of traditional beliefs like “Kamiarizuki” as they are shown in Japanese mythology. Other anime like Kamichu! also portrays the same belief but in a different manner.

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The official staff of the anime encompasses: 

  • LIDEN FILMS representative director Tetsuro Satomi- Animation Producer
  • Kazuya Sakamoto- Creation Director
  • Toshinari Shinohe- in charge of planning and also credited for the original work.
  • Takana Shirai- Animation Director
  • Michihika Suwa and Teppei Mishima- Producers of the project
  • Haruka Sagawa- Character Designer
  •  Tetsuro Takita and Ryuta Miyake- Script Writers

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