Demon Slayer Live Action Release Date: Here’s an Update!

demon slayer live action release date

There have been so many live action series and movies in the past few years, from Rurouni Kenshin to even Attack on Titan. So, why not Demon Slayer Live Action?

If you’re skeptical on whether we’ll get Demon Slayer live action release date or its adaptation, we’ll clear all the queries in this article. You can also check our Best Live-Action Movies meanwhile.

Demon Slayer Live Action Release Date!

Before getting into the actual details of the live-action, let’s review where we are in the anime and manga. We’re currently entering the Swordsmith Village arc in the anime and the manga has already finished with a great and satisfying ending.

So, we have seen so many people mentioning that Demon Slayer will be getting a live action in 2022, whether it be speculation or a troll. For example, this image.

Demon Slayer Live Action Movie Release Date!
Image Credits: LowCostCosplay

Regardless of all these memes, we haven’t had an actual release date yet but don’t feel disappointed. Japan focuses a lot on live actions and tries to make them as productive as possible.

What are the Possibilities of getting Demon Slayer Live Action?

Demon Slayer Live Action Movie Release Date!

We have seen a lot of successful live-action adaptations in the past like Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyashiki: The Last Hero and I am Hero (a zombie movie based on manga). So, considering the popularity of Demon Slayer as of now and in the future, we will likely receive a live action movie or series.

Another reason is Japanese love samurai-themed movies. If we think about Demon Slayer, it is actually swords and demons with many abilities blended in. So, we can expect a live action on this story.

Conclusive Thoughts!

To simplify everything in a few words, there is no official announcement regarding the Demon Slayer live-action movie or series, neither is there any discussion of it happening anytime soon.

On the other hand, it is not entirely impossible for it to happen considering the previous adaptations, except that having a good one as Rurouni Kenshin would be a challenge.

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