Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Becomes First Anime Film to Top Annual DVD Chart in 12 Years!

demon slayer mugen train anime news

Just when we thought Mugen Train wouldn’t be breaking any more records, here we have another surprise. On this Wednesday, the Oricon official website reported about Demon Slayer-Kimetsu no Yaiba-The Movie: Mugen Train.

The film has become the first anime film to top the annual DVD chart in 12 years. The first anime film was Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo in 2009, and Mugen Train is also the first anime film since then to top 500,000 copies.

Mugen Train sold over 459,000 copies on Blu-ray in one year and ranked at #2 behind Frozen. In 2021, the anime topped the annual Blu-ray Disc chart.

The Limited Edition DVD also ranked at #4 on Oricon’s DVD chart by selling over 182,000 copies, while it ranked at #3 on the Blur-ray Disc Chart with 368,000 copies.

demon slayer mugen train news

More achievements:

  • Topped the Japanese Box Office for 12 Consecutive Months since its release
  • First film to ever cross the 40 billion yen milestone
  • The highest earning film worldwide since 2020
  • The first non-American and non-Hollywood film to top the yearly box office worldwide from a century

The anime film has sold 1,074,170 copies, including Blu-ray Discs and DVDs (limited and regular editions) in only three days from June 16. So, these are some of the greatest achievements of Mugen Train, which no film ever has achieved.

So, how many times have you watched the film until now? I watched like more than 20 times (at least the main scenes), and is it your favorite anime movie of all time? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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