Demon Slayer’s Exceptional Op by Lisa Ranks #1 Again on Oricon Weekly Digital Charts!

demon slayer op lisa

If you have watched Demon Slayer, the first thing that comes to your mind is soothing Lisa’s voice that gave us such a fantastic op “Gurenge.” In every way, Gurenge looks excellent with its astonishing background music, stunning visuals, and Lisa’s gorgeous voice, and everything is like a life drop for it. Well then, enough with our praise, and let’s get to the news.

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Demon Slayer’s Op by Lisa Ranks #1 for the 4th Time!

demon slayer's op gurenge lisa

According to Oricon’s weekly digital charts, Lisa’s 15th song, which made its debut with Demon Slayer, has ranked #1 and reached downloads about 17,000 within a week. This info is of the week 20-26 April, and this is the 4th time it crossed the barrier of competition to get into the top. Last May, it ranked #1 for two consecutive weeks and again in December. With the 4th time ranking #1 in Oricon’s Weekly Digital Single Charts, it has set its record. The song has also been in the list of top 10 digital single charts of Oricon that declared by itself.

The Oricon’s records reveal that Demon Slayer’s op Gurenge holds the record for downloads over 786,000 since its debut. It’s not that easy to get so many downloads for anime ops, so it is indeed an unperishable record for Gurenge. And in the past week, Gurenge rose from fifth to fourth as the most downloaded song in Oricon’s Digital Ranking Charts history.

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The song debuted in April 2019 as the opening of Demon Slayer, and later in July, CD release was out. It is reportedly said that the CD is sold more than 100,000 copies. With these all records, it’s not even a surprise to know that it got into the top of Oricon’s digital charts. In February 2020, the song certified as gold by RIAJ (The Recording Industry Association of Japan).

Finally, it’s good to see the song is getting much popular than it was and hope it’ll be the most downloaded song in Oricon’s Digital Single Charts soon. What do you think about Demon Slayer’s Op? Are you excited for Mugen Trian? And do you like Lisa’s voice? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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