Destiny Lovers Manga’s Farewell, New Sequel Manga Kicks Off! (2020)

destiny lovers manga sequel

Destiny Lovers, otherwise Desu- Raba is an adult manga released by Ghost Ship, which is an imprint of Seven Seas Entertainment. It is more of an ecchi or erotic manga that portrays two people who are destined to be together no matter what happens. And it’s been one of the popular ecchi manga all these days. The thing is the manga came to an end, but it’s not like you need to say goodbye. As long as there is recognition, content shows up. And the same thing is happening with the Destiny Lovers.

The official twitter account of Kodansha‘s official manga app Magazine Pocket announced news regarding the Destiny Lovers manga. As the manga comes to an end, last week, they announced that they are going to launch a new sequel manga for Destiny Lovers with the same title. The new manga has already launched on Saturday.

The previous manga is yet to release its eighth book volume form Kodansha. However, the new manga will start the volume numbering with its new title. And since Kai stated on twitter about the 104th chapter as the final chapter, we can make sure it ended.

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The plot of Destiny Lovers is as follows:

“It follows Fujushiro Kosuke and the promise he made to his childhood friend that he will love her forever. But when he’s finally able to make out with her as a symbol of their love, he’s abducted and thrown into a prison which is run by beautiful and scary women. The one thing they’re after is his virginity. Who are these women, and why are they trying to break the promise between Kosuke and Sayako-chan? In this dark erotic thriller, the desire of those women and fear of Kosuke’s about breaking his promise leaves us in a dilemma.”

The previous manga launched in February 2018 in Magazine Pocket by Kazutaka and Tomohiro. On March 6 of this year, Kodansha published its seventh compiled book volume. What do you think about the new sequel of Destiny Lovers manga? Have you read the previous one? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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