New Doraemon Manga Collection is Made to Last a Century! (2020)

doraemon manga

Doraemon manga has been a fan-favourite for ages, and its popularity isn’t something you can ignore. Since the manga published in 1970, even though there have been a lot of gaps between each chapter’s release, it has been pretty successful. As a part of ongoing promotions for its 50-Year celebration, Doraemon manga made a collection that can last a century.

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Doraemon Manga’s Collection Lasts a Century! 

Back in March, Doraemon manga celebrated its 50-Years of the series in 45 volumes. The main aim of the collection is to create a set of books that can last a century. To be precise, they should continue into the 22nd century since it is the original era of Nobita’s grandson and Doraemon. So, the franchise has put a lot of effort into making the collection with a lot of staff and various designers.

doraemon manga

The graphic designer Naoko Nakui and the members of Shogakukan Doraemon room overseen it once again to make sure there are no changes needed in the collection. Each main cover is bounded flat, and interior art features are remastered. The best thing is the covers are designed to withstand any spills, or we can simply say they are waterproof.

According to the report, there are over 7,000 pre-ordered copies of Doraemon manga. The people who buy the collection will get a Doraemon dictionary, an artbook, a good-sized furoshiki, and an adorable figure of Doraemon and Nobita.

doraemon manga

Buyers can also pick “Anywhere Door Shelf” which is a bookshelf that looks like a Doraemon’s spacetime doorway. And more importantly, it is perfectly sized to fit all the 45 volumes of the collection.

doraemon manga

For now, The 100-Year Doraemon was shown to the press, but it might take a while before it gets out. Pre-orders for the first waves are available until August 31 or before 10,000 sets have been sold. The final set from the first wave will deliver on December 31, 2020. The cost of the collection is 77,000 yen, including with taxes included. So, hurry up and pre-order if you wish to obtain is as soon as possible.

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