Dr.Stone (2019)- Escape Room: Senku needs your Ingenuity!


Dr.Stone‘s Escape Rooms-As fun as the Science Experiments from the anime.

Ever felt like going to an anime museum or a maze where you can experience the anime surroundings. Well, such things do exist. Escape rooms are thrilling, you can cooperate with others by teaming up and solve the puzzles by discovering the clues. The most important part is you have a time limit and for each room, you escape, the challenge gets harder.

Well, Escape rooms are the most popular in North America, Europe, and Asia until 2010. But as years fall, they became famous and spread through most of the countries. For anime fans, we have an Escape room in Tokyo that is based on the anime series Dr. Stone.

Dr. Stone’s escape room is opening in Tokyo on February 21. The escape room’s concept is much similar to the anime and manga themes. It features Senku the protagonist of Dr.Stone, who is trapped in a stone cave, with interesting puzzles and science experiments. The wit you can use to clear the escape room is your ingenuity and to break everyone out, you need to finish those tasks in time.

The text on the escape room’s key visual says “With your science, we can make fireworks and escape this cave!” Sounds interesting right? And more interestingly this escape room is organized by SCRAP, a company that is already famous for its escape rooms of Fate/Grand Order, The Promised Neverland, and Detective Conan. These escape rooms offer you convenient ways to break through it. The escape rooms can be attempted by the groups of three or fewer people, and the time limit is 40 minutes. SCRAP’s Nazo building in Kichijoji hosts the escape rooms.

The pre-ordered tickets cost 2,400 yen for a trio, 2,600 yen for a duo and 3,600 yen for singles. And if you want the tickets for the same day, those are available for 300 yen more than the actual price. Well, a small price to pay to explore the beautiful escape room of Dr.Stone. Just in case, if you run out of your time and you’re probably near to complete your breakthrough, you still have a way to clear it. Each participant can pay 800 yen per 10 minutes of extension.

Let’s say you had a lot of fun with the escape room and those amazing science experiment visuals of Dr.Stone. But don’t we expect more? Yes, we do! In addition to the escape room, you can also purchase stickers of Dr.Stone, clear files and badges at the venue. There are a few intriguing things you can purchase and those are worth the price. Such as a soap bar with a Dr.Stone logo on it for 950 yen, a puzzle-solving and science experimenting kit for 2,000 yen. If you want any more details regarding the products, you can visit the escape room’s website-realdgame.jp.

Unless you’re new to the anime or living under a rock, you might’ve heard about Dr.Stone. The animeukiyo describes the story of Dr.Stone as:

“In the modern world, every human turns into a stone after a mysterious light from the sky hits the earth. After 3700 years spent trapped in rock, science geek Senku somehow gets revived from his petrified state. And he discovers that the petrification has a cure with nital, and Senku restores his best friend, Taiju. With the help of Taiju, Senku decides to rebuild the civilization from the Stone age.

But unfortunately, he revives a person who is unbelievably strong but with entirely different motives. There you go, the war between Science and Strength, who wins?”

If you’re a huge fan of anime, then you would definitely have to visit these amazing escape rooms. Those are a lot more fun than you think. Stay tuned for more updates!

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