Dragon Ball Fans are Expecting a New Anime Sequel for its Multiverse!

dragon ball super

Over a year, Dragon Ball Super has been on Hiatus with no confirmed released date. Of course, there have been many rumors about Toei Animation and what’s happening behind it. It seems like a Special Dragon Ball division is formed, and a lot of fans have been expecting a sequel for the latest series of the franchise. Well, there are some spinoff series where most of the fan-favorite characters shined through some fun adventures. But does it really make up for the fans’ expectations of the new series? 

Fans are Craving for more Dragon Ball Adventures!

Even though Dragon Ball Super has been most successful in all the parts of the franchise, there is no confirmation that the sequel will be a continuation of Super. The franchise has always come up with new concepts and new installments like Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super.

dragon ball super

So, most likely, it will be a new part but with the continuation plot of the previous one. It is only a hunch, but considering the earlier seasons of the anime, it might happen for real. All these years, the anime brought us some iconic characters and Super Saiyan forms of Goku with each season. Who knows what we will see in the upcoming sequel? But in the first place, will the sequel possibly arrive before 2021? 

When Will Dragon Ball Super Return? 

If you look into the past, you’d already know Dragon Ball isn’t the type of anime that could stop something in the middle without giving us any answers. But right now, we’re still waiting for Toei Animation to announce a specific date regarding the next part of the franchise.

dragon ball super

Meanwhile, the manga has opened a new chapter leaving us to hope on the upcoming series. The manga introduced a frightening new villain Moro and the new levels of the Transformative Power of Goku and Vegeta. It seems like it will be one hell of experience soon. With all these positive reasons, there is a ten billion percent chance the next series will be back more quickly, and most likely, it’ll be out in 2021. So, stay put until then and enjoy some other cool anime. We hope you have good days!

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