Dragon Ball Manga Order: Easiest Way to Read It!

dragon ball manga order

Whether it is manga or anime, Dragon Ball is a name that entirely made our childhood interesting. This anime has been amazing all these years and it is most people’s favorite too.

But have you tried reading its manga yet? Even though you have, have you tried reading it in the correct order? Either way, this Dragon Ball manga order helps you in having a good read.

Dragon Ball Manga Order!

1. Dragon Ball

The most obvious choice for any newbie who’s thinking of getting into manga would be its first part “Dragon Ball.” It has 520 chapters compiled into 42 volumes and serialized from 1984 to 1995.

There are also colored chapters available for most of the volumes but I doubt you’d be able to find it online. Well, if you’re thinking of buying the volumes, you can have a blast while reading them.

2. Dragon Ball Super

Literally, after 20 years, this manga is published as a sequel to the original dragon ball manga. Although it sets after Goku’s adulthood events from Dragon Ball Z manga which is a part of Dragon Ball manga according to Viz releases.

Dragon Ball Super manga started publishing in 2015 and till now, there are 14 volumes available and still going on. If you’ve read the first part in the Dragon Ball manga order, then the next one is Dragon Ball Super.

3. Dragon Ball Z: Return of F

To be honest, you’d be fine skipping this manga and if possible try and watch the movie that adapted from this one. The manga didn’t have a perfect finish either and the movie has a sensible ending.

It began serializing in 2015 February and ended in April 2015. So, if you prefer manga over anime, you can try this one out right after Dragon Ball Super manga.

4. Dragon Ball GT

Surprisingly, Dragon Ball GT manga was inspired by the anime with the same title. The anime was written by the staff hired by Toei Animation and therefore, it is not necessarily a sequel for the manga.

However, if you’re still planning to read the manga, then go for it because it isn’t bad either. In fact, I felt the same comedic approach as I did in the first part. It isn’t as good as the previous parts, though.

Simplified Dragon Ball Manga Order:

  • Dragon Ball > Dragon Ball Super> Dragon Ball Z: Return of F > Dragon Ball GT

1. Dragon Ball Z manga is also a part of Dragon Ball, except that it was serialized differently.

2. While DB covers the childhood of Goku, DBZ manga covers adulthood in the remaining chapters.

3. Dragon Ball GT anime isn’t an adaptation of the manga. Instead, the manga was inspired by the anime which was written by the staff hired by Toei Animation.

4. Except for Dragon Ball, the rest of the parts we’ve mentioned above are spin-offs, and still, we’d recommend you read/watch them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Conclusive Thoughts!

Well, there you go! You’re all set to explore the DB manga, and if you follow Dragon Ball manga order guide, you no longer need to raise “How to Dragon Ball manga order in order” type questions.

So, have you watched Dragon Ball anime? If so, what do you prefer between its anime and manga? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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