Dragon Ball Watch Order: Here’s How You Should Watch it!

dragon ball watch order

Follow this ultimate list of Dragon Ball Watch Order to enjoy your watch!

Dragon Ball is one of the oldest and most beloved anime series over the decades. If you haven’t seen a single episode until now and heard a lot about it, you made the right choice by visiting this post. I’d say it’s worth the time you spend. Without knowing anything about it or regaining memories of the Dragon Ball series, either way, it can be overwhelming.

But the major problem you face before watching it is not knowing the right order to view it. People often end up watching in the wrong order and regret later. We don’t want our audience to go through the same fate. That’s why we made this post regarding Dragon Ball watch order. 

Dragon Ball Watch Order

Dragon Ball (153 Episodes)

Here’s where you start. Right from the beginning of each character’s introduction and the basic plot, everything begins here for this legendary anime. Although there are a few films that look like a prequel to this anime, it’s not necessary to watch since you’ll anyway catch up with those backstories in the anime.

To hook you up right from the beginning, the series introduces you to some interesting characters like Krilin, Bulma Piccolo, and also some exciting tournaments with epic action sequences.

dragon ball watch order

The series follows the adventures of Goku, who is an alien child after arriving at the earth. As he learns more about the earth, he meets friends and foes in his way and becomes stronger by overcoming many obstacles. And as you know, the rest is history.

We’d recommend you to start with Dragon Ball to understand essential details and not to mention the fun. Thus, it is the first part of the Dragon Ball watch order. 

Dragon Ball Z (291 Episodes)

Dragon Ball Z is probably the famous one of the whole anime. Even though it runs twice as long as the first part, but it also gives you the same amount of entertainment. Though the first part introduces some of the essential characters, most of the iconic villains appear in the second part.

Some of them are Nappa, Vegeta, Freiza, Cell, and Saiyan’s Raditz. Since we don’t want to watch only villains in action, some new heroes join the Z fighters as the story moves forward.

Dragon Ball Z- dragon ball watch order

As the new villains arise, the heroes who fight against them begin developing their strengths to fight them. But as the story moves forward, villains become allies, and some of the allies become villains making it even more interesting to watch.

However, it isn’t just about some heroes and villains fighting endlessly. Instead, it introduces some super cool themes like Time Travel, new abilities, forms of the characters, and vice versa. Thus, this part is the second one you need to follow from the post of dragon ball watch order. 

Dragon Ball GT (64 Episodes)

Dragon Ball GT is the third part of the franchise, which you need to watch it right after the second part. You might’ve heard some news about it being not good compared to the first two parts. But to say it clearly, this part didn’t adapt manga of Akira Toriyama, where other series followed it through the end.

Dragon Ball GT- dragon ball watch order

It wasn’t bad, though. It introduces us to many new things in the anime, such as Super Saiyan 4, which is a popular design that has not been since the beginning parts.

In other words, it was worth mentioning the Dragon Ball GT, at least for its uniqueness compared to the other parts. Thus, it is the third part you need to follow from the post of dragon ball watch order. 

Films of Dragon Ball (20 Movies)

If you have a basic idea of OVA, then most of those are some extra episodes with some spice in it. But they differ when it comes to dragon ball franchise. If you miss out on the OVAs from the anime, you’re going to miss a lot of fun. And also some important details that you want to know from the starting of the series. And the movies of the Dragon Ball franchise have some quite popularity. Even though these aren’t as great as the series, still, these are part of the dragon ball watch order. 

Films of Dragon Ball- dragon ball watch order

While most of the movies don’t follow the exact storyline, each one of them has its adventure to make your watch worthwhile. These movies are not must-watch, but if you want to watch more of Goku’s adventures, these would be a great experience. You would definitely don’t want to miss them. And here are the movies you can watch if you’re going to:

  • Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies
  • Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure
  • Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle
  • Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might
  • Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest
  • Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge
  • Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn
  • Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler
  • Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound
  • Dragon Ball Z: Broly-The Legendary Super Saiyan
  • Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13
  • Dragon Ball Z: Broly- The Second Coming
  • Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn
  • Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon
  • Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly
  • Dragon Ball Z: Ressurection ‘F’
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Path to the Power
  • Dragon Ball: Broly

Dragon Ball Super (131 Episodes)

Here is the last and true sequel of the ‘Z part’ but this time with the manga’s storyline. Dragon Ball Super has been a significant success since its arrival. The story usually follows the adventures of Goku, but this time they’re the strongest fighters on the earth. So, they find new and some powerful fighters over the universe. The time is ticking, and they must defend the earth from the incoming threats. 

Dragon Ball Super- dragon ball watch order

Out of all the arcs in this part, the most liked arc is “Universal Survival Arc” since it introduced the first transformation that doesn’t include Super Saiyan and known as Ultra Instinct.

Even though it presents a whole set of new villains but it does bring back some of the old villains like Master Roshi and Kais. So, you have a great journey with some incredible fights in this part. Thus, it is the fourth part you need to follow from the dragon ball watch order. 


There you go! The ultimate watchlist of the anime and if you’re new to the series, there is a lot for you to catch up. But don’t go rushing over it because it isn’t an anime you need to finish in a few days.

You can feel the essence of the anime as the characters grow incredibly. So, enjoy your watch with all these parts by watching them in order. And to do that, you must follow our post of Dragon Ball watch order. 

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