Dragon Goes House Hunting Anime Reveals Staff, Exciting Visual and TV Format! (2020)

dragon goes house hunting

As the days move forward, the new anime make their way into the industry. Its because there is no end to creativity. And every anime fan would always love to watch a new series with some good plot and expectations. Such a series is “Dragon Goes House Hunting.” To know more about it, let’s get into the news.

Dragon Goes House Hunting Gets an Anime Adaption!

Signal.MD is a renowned animation studio, and it announced on Saturday that it is in charge of the production of the previously announced adaption of Dragon Goes House Hunting manga. Both authors Kawo Tanuki and Choco Aya also declared it through their social media. Well, the studio announced that it would become an adaptation of TV series soon. In addition to these statements, they also released some details.

The Staff of the anime includes:

  • Haruki Kasugamori- Director of the anime
  • Shiori Asuka- Character Designer
  • Kyohei Matsuno- Music Composer at Pony Canyon

These are the only details they have revealed until now, and these staffs have pretty good experience in their works. Director Haruki Kasugamori is famous for his works on Dia Horizon, Hitorigurashi no Shigakusei, and Lunatan: 1-Mannen no Himitsu while Kyohei Matsuno is well known for ‘You Don’t Know Gunma Yet. Seven Seas Entertainment is currently releasing the manga in English, and it describes the story as follows:

A Dragon gets kicked out from its family when he didn’t reach the standards they set for him. Without a home and alone, he searches for a new one but soon finds out that a cowardly beast of legend has no place in his world. The world is full of elves, dwarfs, and other strange creatures treat him like a non-resident; his frustration reaches peaks.

Here’s the Visual released by the studio Signal.MD:

dragon goes house hunting

The manga launched in December 2016 on Mag Garden’s Monthly Comic Garden magazine and the anime series of “Dragon Goes House Hunting” will be coming soon. Let’s hope this adaption reaches our expectations and does justice for the manga.

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