Drug Candy : Don’t Read This Manhwa Unless You’re Emotionally Stable!

drug candy manhwa

Recently, I’ve been wondering about reading a manhwa and gone through some recommendations. However, Drug Candy caught my eye, and at first, I thought it would be hard to read since it has 43 chapters. But seeing its positive reviews, I felt it might be worth the read.

So, it did take a while to complete it, and I read it in one go. Yeah, it did hurt my eyes a little because I spent hours reading it. Well, I would say it was worth it. To know more about it, let’s get into the review.

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Drug Candy Manhwa Review

Drug Candy is a borderline H Manhwa that has been serialized for so long with 43 chapters in Lezhin. Lezhin is a webtoon portal for mature audiences that mostly focuses on adult content.

It does have specific genres like horror, action, and romantic, but most people prefer to read H Manhwas. Let’s see what aspects made this manhwa a heart-throbbing one.


The protagonist of this manhwa is struggling through his marriage, and besides, he gets demoted from his job. And he doesn’t want to show his weak sides to his wife, so he keeps everything in his personal life to him instead of sharing with her.

But what he doesn’t know is that it affects his relationship with his wife. And right when his life is in a challenging situation, he meets a young girl Yura Han. But soon, he realizes that his life is changing at some point right when she entered into his life.

Now the question is, how did his life change? In a positive way or a negative way? I guess you’ll find it once you read it. I feel like this manhwa has a good story, and as most people’s perspective, this manhwa just doesn’t focus on sexual scenes.

Instead, it explains to you how one’s life becomes when they can’t stand on their own and when they make a wrong choice instead of the right one. In the end, don’t feel upset and bawl your eyes out crying because Drug Candy manhwa has the real ability to get you emotional.


Well, we have come to the controversial part. Unlike many other stories, Drug Candy manhwa has the ability to highlight every character in it. Even the side characters are given enough importance. But the only thing that disappointed me is the protagonist’s character.

He sure acts intelligently at some point, but the ending made me quite emotional, and I kind of felt sad for him. But to make the ending the way it is, the character utilization is quite impressive. And other characters like Yura Han are fascinating, and most likely, these characters made this manhwa a unique one.


Lezhin sure knows how to attract his viewers. The characters like Yura Han and Sung-Hee JUNG have some amazing artworks which make you look at those all the time. And since it is a borderline H manhwa, you’ll expect a lot of hentai scenes. I have to admit, there are a lot of erotic moments, and the artwork is brilliantly done for every scene.

If you have read any hentai manga, you know how the artwork looks. But if you have read any hentai manhwa, then you’ll still see the difference between those two.

In Drug Candy manhwa, you sure can spot a lot of differences from other webtoons. I mean art-wise, though. But I’m pretty sure you’ll love the artwork till the end. Thus, I can say that the artwork for Drug Candy manhwa is fantastic.

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