7 Hot Manhwa like Painter of the Night to Read!

manhwa like painter of the night

If you’re into BL webtoons, then you must’ve read “Painter of the Night.” With a keen mix of historical and boys’ love concepts, it captivated the audience with absolute romance.

If you loved it and looking for more webtoons/manhwa like Painter of the Night, then you must check this list. After all, all of these give you similar vibes with different approaches.

Manhwa like Painter of the Night!

1. To Take an Enemy’s Heart

Manhwa like Painter of the Night!

Kassan is brought as a slave after Igen slaughtered his clan, and he is to serve him from now on. Although he is ruthless, soon Kassan begins to fall for him.

I’m just going to say one thing. You’re going to have a fantastic start and a beautiful ending with this manhwa. You’ll fall for the characters, and romance is off the charts.

Since both are BL and the way the couple meet and treat make this manhwa similar to Painter of the Night. Also, both are set in a historical period. So, you’re going to have fun with this one.

2. The Palace of Bardo

Manhwa like Painter of the Night!

The first emperor is obsessed with Gwang-in, and he doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants. To escape from the clutches of the emperor, Gwang-in chooses death.

However, after a hundred years, they both are born in the same period, and only Gwang-in remembers what happened in the past.

The Palace of Bardo might not be an unpredictable story, but if you read it wholeheartedly, you’ll love it to the fullest. A love story between an obsessive emperor and a fearful normal man.

Set in the historical period, this BL manhwa ensures that you get everything you enjoyed while reading “Painter of the Night.”

3. Cover Up

Manhwa like Painter of the Night!

Geum-hwa, a tattoo artist, came out of an abusive relationship and heads to Japan by the invitation of a mysterious customer. A half-Korean and handsome Ryusei has a scar burned on his back.

While Geum-hwa works on covering it up with his tattoo, a spark develops between them and to add a plot twist to the story, Gewum-hwa’s ex is still in love with him.

You see, a few elements can be described as similar, such as how one character abuses another one to his desires and provides you with a heartwarming feeling.

Since both are BL and the story takes the path same as Painter of the Night, you’ll get similar vibes in this one. Thus, it is a manhwa like Painter of the Night.

4. Killing Stalking

Manhwa like Painter of the Night!

Yoon Bum, an awkward college student, is in love with Oh Sangwoo.

When he goes on stalking like he usually does, he discovers a body in Sangwoo’s basement and tries to escape from his house.

This manhwa is a lot more intense than Painter of the Night. Although the main couple seems a bit weird, it is sure to excite you with every chapter.

As for similarities, both are BL and involve some forcible scenes. So, make sure to read it if you feel like reading a manhwa like Painter of the Night.

5. If You Hate Me So

Manhwa like Painter of the Night!

Minjae‘s life takes a turn when he witnesses Hyung-jo masturbating, and although Hyung-jo threatens him to forget what he saw, he can’t stop thinking about him.

The first thing you’ll like in this manga is how cute Minjae behaves, and although it has a few chapters, you’ll be having a lot of fun.

The relationship between the main characters is so similar in both the manhwas. So, if you’re looking for a manhwa similar to Painter of the Night, then this one is for you.

6. Haunted by Desire

Manhwa like Painter of the Night!

Jo Seong-jae is in love with a ghost who looks exactly like the man he loves, Dohui. But with every night he spends, his health worsens.

Concerned, Dohui decides to help him, and surprisingly, Dohui has a secret that can help him cure Jo Seong-jae.

Just like Painter of the Night, it portrays a lot of twists and turns. With good romance and plot, it makes your time worthwhile.

It too has forcible scenes set in a historical setting in almost every chapter, and thus, we feel it is a manhwa like Painter of the Night.

7. BJ Alex

Manhwa like Painter of the Night!

Dong-gyun is a fan of Alex, a broadcast jockey who shares his sexual experiences with his viewers. One day Dong-gyun gets drunk at an event and finds himself waking up in bed with Alex.

I’m going to say this point straight-forwardly. This manhwa isn’t similar to Painter of the Night, but why is it on the list?

Simple, the fun and experience you had with “Painter of the Night” manhwa is immeasurable, and we want to provide you with the same fun with another fantastic BL webtoon.

But some of the themes like BDSM, forcing another guy to sleep with him, and art gave me a similar vibe. So, try reading it and see for yourself.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Painter of the Night” has definitely been one amazing read for the readers, and to fill that void, we made a list, and now it’s concluded.

Although titles are numbered, we think every one of them deserves a read, and you’ll have similar fun to that of Painter of the Night.

So, what are your thoughts on our article? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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