Eternal Love Manhua: A Gorgeously Art-Driven Masterpiece?

eternal love manhua/ten miles of peach blossoms manhua

Eternal Love Manhua isn’t as famous it should be, but its adaptation drama is. While it’s art is too gorgeous, and the fact that it has a drama adaptation is already amazing. So, you might not be into Chinese manhua yet, but as a reader of manga, manhwa, and manhua, I can tell that these Chinese manhuas are no less than the former ones.

If you coincidentally found Eternal Love manga/manhua and just passed it, you don’t know what you’re missing. While there are too many amazing manhuas like The Founder of Diabolism (The Untamed), Feng Shen Ji, The King’s Avatar out there, we think Eternal Love manhua is in its own league.

Let’s see why Eternal Love manhua is one of the best and beautiful Chinese manhua in our review more clearly. Let’s dive right in then.

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Eternal Love Manhua!

Title Eternal Love
Alternate TitleTen Miles of Peach Blossoms
GenresFantasy, Romance
AuthorsTang Qi, Xiao Yu

The Storyline

Eternal Love manhua has an amazing storyline with literally no plot holes in it. The way of depicting the story is truly amusing, and with every chapter, it gets better and better. It almost felt like I was in a different world, and the pace is just damn good for a historical Chinese manhua.

A simple love story of a man (Ye Hua) and a woman (Bai Qian) and how they both meet in three lives or three different types of lives in a single life. Overall, it has an alluring premise with tons of remarkable moments.

The Characters

Although there aren’t many characters to notice in the manhua, the main couple steals the show in no time. The chemistry between them is one of the best I’ve seen, and probably you’ll too.

So if you’re wondering whether characterization in the manhua is good, you bet it is absolute perfection. Thus, characterization is one of the best aspects of Eternal Love manhua.

The Artwork

Now, this is what got me into reading this manhua. The whole artwork gives you a romantic atmosphere and immerses you in this beautiful tale. There has been a lot of difference in the art for the first and last chapters.

With the blend of charming colors, and including elements like flowers on the edges of pages, it totally feels beautiful. There are literally no words for how amazing its artwork is, and it definitely needs applause.

The Setting

Generally, Chinese manhua is set in beautiful locales, and Eternal Love manhua is set in the heavens. So you can imagine how amazing it can be. The difference in the artwork for each realm shows how brilliantly it is done.

The authors put the utmost effort into making this manhua a masterpiece, and with the setting, it even feels like you’re in a whole different world. So, we consider it as one of the best aspects of Eternal Love manhua.

Personal Opinion

Personally, I enjoyed reading all the 45 chapters in just a couple of days. Even though I watched live-action Chinese drama before, it felt completely different. The characters, story, and artwork are really something in the Eternal Love manhua.

If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you do them right away. Also, try watching the drama to get a more emotional attachment to it. The adaptation is no less than manhua, and in fact, it is a perfect adaptation for this gorgeously art-driven masterpiece!

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