Top 10 Favorite Heroines of Final Fantasy VII by Its Viewers Poll!

Final Fantasy VII is an action RPG developed by Square Enix. It came out in 1997, but the news we’re about to read is about its remake that came out on April 10, 2020.

While old and new fans of this fantastic game are in excitement with its remake, it revealed its top 10 heroines from the video game. But the list isn’t from them or us, 2,000 of its readers have chosen for this pole, and the Japanese game website Inside Games took charge of polling and finally revealed the list to the public. We’ve brought the list to you, make sure you check it below.

List of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Ranked Heroines by Polling

10. Scarlett

scarlett- final fantasy vii

It seems like Head of Shinra’s Public Security Division Scarlett got only four votes, but considering her a side character alongside main playable characters, it isn’t a surprise.

9. Madam M

madam m- final fantasy vii

Madam M has got the same votes as Scarlett and even though she is a side character who runs a massage parlor in the Will Market of Final Fantasy VII game. I guess some people even give importance, which helps their character during the game.

8. Betty

betty- final fantasy vii

Betty is a minor character from the recent remake of Final Fantasy VII. Even though she is a side character with only small screen time, her cuteness might’ve caught the audience’s eye to vote for her.

7. Barret

barret- final fantasy vii

Even though Barret isn’t a female playable character, he somehow ended up being one of the fan favorites.

At least that’s what we can expect from the head of the underground resistance organization. He got seven votes in total and ranked #7 on the list.

6. Marlene

marlene- final fantasy vii

Here’s Barret’s kind-hearted daughter who cares for his father so much won 6th place in the list with 20 votes. Well, its a pretty good response even though she isn’t one of the main characters.

5. Kyrie

kyrie- final fantasy vii

The female protagonist of The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story and also the former delinquent of Midgar’s Sector 5 Kyrie is here on the list with 35 votes.

In my opinion, 35 votes are too little for her, if not for her character; she looks damn hot and beautiful.

4. Cloud Strife

cloud- final fantasy vii

It’s pretty much unbelievable for a protagonist to get such fewer votes, but considering the other most attractive characters, it can happen.

The audience’s views can be manipulated easily, after all. Well, he got 76 votes and ranked #4 on the list.

3. Jessie

jessie- final fantasy vii

Here we have another side character yet one of the most entertaining characters of Final Fantasy VII. Being a member of Avalanche with expertise on bombs.

And since her goal is for a better future, it is pretty much expected of her to get 298 votes. Thus, she ranked #3 according to Final Fantasy VII fans.

2. Aerith

aerith- final fantasy vii

Here we have the most beautiful girl from Final Fantasy VII. With her kind heart and beautiful nature and looks, she can attract a lot more than we see here.

She ranks #2 on the list with 635 votes, and that’s what we can expect from the girl who has a past involving the legend of Cetra.

1. Tifa

tifa- final fantasy vii

Tifa is most likely the best character in the entire game. Even though she isn’t a protagonist, she’s pretty much a source for all the gamblers that take place in Final Fantasy VII.

Being a member of Avalanche and the childhood friend of Cloud, she even runs a pub named Seventh Heaven or to refer to as the rebels’ hideout. No wonder she got 892 votes in total, and now we can call her the best girl of Final Fantasy VII.


It seems like over 44% of votes have been in favor of Tifa in the pole of Final Fantasy VII Remake. And she has been in the video game even before the upgrades of the game came into light. Thus, Tifa became the most beloved girl of Final Fantasy VII game.

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