Fruits Basket – Prelude Movie to Release into Theaters This Summer!

Fruits Basket Prelude news

A new trailer for Fruits Basket : Prelude has been released a movie based on the popular anime of the same name as the name goes, it will be based upon the story of Tohru Honda’s parents the protagonist of the show.

The trailer showed a rebellious and violent life of gang member Kyoko Honda. And her romance with Katsuya Honda, also, Crunchyroll announced that the film will be released in select theaters across the United States and Canada this summer.


The film will take place before the events of the the television series and will portray the romance between Tohru Honda’s parents Kyoko Honda and Katsuya Honda, before their untimely deaths.

The voice cast includes :

  • Kyoko Honda : Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese voice), Lydia Mackay (English voice)
  • Katsuya Honda : Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese voice), J. Michael Tatum (English voice)
  • Tohru Honda : Manaka Iwami (Japanese voice), Laura Bailey (English voice)
  • Kyo Soma : Yuma Uchida (Japanese voice), Jerry Jewell (English voice)

Fruits Basket – Prelude is based on one of the most beloved popular anime, Fruits basket by Natsuki Takaya. The movie promises to be emotional and endearing as seen in the trailer.
Catch the story on the big screen, tickets will go on sale Friday, June 3, whilst you can also binge the series on Crunchyroll.

Fruits Basket has always been a series which moved fans emotionally and made sure to keep the adorable moments going on. We can’t expect any less from this movie, either. So, are you planning to visit the theaters to witness this delightful story? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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