Fruits Basket Review: Is It a Successful Reboot?

fruits basket

Fruits Basket is unexpectedly an excellent comeback for its original series in 2001. The remake is made beautifully, and now it is one of the gems of Slice of Life anime series. This series is based on a top-rated manga series by Natsuki Takaya.  This manga is famous over the world and also the original anime which was made in 2001 is one of the reasons for getting such fantastic recognition in a short time.

The main difference between the series of Fruit Basket of 2019 and 2001 is the present one follows the original events of the manga while the old one made a few developments since the manga was still on the run at the time of airing. Well, you might’ve heard about this anime more than a few times and came here looking for a review that can give you a definite opinion on the Fruits Basket. You’re in the right place, and this is my genuine review of how I felt about the series.

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Fruits basket

Genre: Comedy, Drama

IMDb: 8.3/10


Tohru Honda lost her mother when she was in high school. Since that time, her life becomes hard, and no one likes to take care of her except for her grandfather. She decides to live on her own and studies while doing a part-time job. Since she can’t afford to live in a house, she lives in a tent a little near to the town. And that land belongs to Soma’s family, and here comes our main Protagonist Yuki Sohma. Unfortunately, her place gets destroyed due to an accident since it’s a mountain area. However, things get settled for her as Yuki offers her to live in the upper roof of his house.


The plot of Fruits Basket is sweet and simple. It shows how the way of life differs from person to person. It also conveys a hidden message about life and how it gets better as we live, hoping that it will get better someday.

Even though the story moves a bit slowly, it doesn’t bore you at all. You will love it right from the start, and it gets better as you go through the episodes.


To be honest, I don’t even have the slightest idea of how to define the characterization of Fruits Basket. It portrays many characters, and with each episode, a new character is introduced. But the main characters do have character development. The bonding between Toru, Uo Tany, and the Wave girl is adorable, and the way Yuki and Kyo look after Toru is yet another likable characterization. Only a few series manages to make all of the characters lovable and definitely Fruits Basket is one of them.


In my opinion, the neediest thing for a slice of life anime is soothing music and soundtracks that convey genuine emotion. And this show has some good openings, endings and not to mention the breathtaking background music. Notably,  “Lucky Ending”  is such a soundtrack that defines the truthfulness of  Fruit Basket.

Lucky Ending is a beautiful ending theme song with meaningful scenes.  It defines each character based on their nature. Got to admit that Fruits Basket has some cool soundtracks.


Since Fruits Basket is a remake of its original anime of  2001, the animation will be far better than the old one. But even if you consider it individually, the animation is beautiful.  The character design is unique and beautiful. Especially when characters in the anime gets confused or excited, the animation is well improved. Most of the beauty of anime can be seen in the opening itself. The backgrounds, characters, and all the aspects are well-used. What more do we expect than this? The animation is, without a doubt, one of the best aspects this show can have.

Emotional Appeal

It wouldn’t be nice if Slice of Life anime shows doesn’t include emotional scenes, isn’t it? This anime gets a crybaby out of you when it’s necessary and makes you laugh, and it just feels pleasant to watch a few episodes. I don’t really know what’s in the show that makes us feel all these emotions. But that’s what the beauty of these kinds of anime series. For sensitive people, the backstories of the many characters are like the sad love stories which end in pain. I honestly think that Emotional Appeal is the best aspect of Fruits Basket.

I’m not really a person who watches a Slice of Life kind of anime. But somehow, I got to watch it, and since it is a remake, I got even more curious. If you’re looking for an anime that can make you happy or that eliminates your boredom, then this anime is absolutely made for you.

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