Funimation Announces Co-Produced Anime Tribe Nine, Coming January 2022!

Tribe Nine anime release date

“Tribe Nine anime will release in January 2022!”

Funimation always picks up the unique anime shows when it comes to production. While it constantly provides us good dubbed anime series, sometimes it also delivers impressive adaptations.

Funimation announced that they’re officially co-produced Tribe Nine anime adaptation from the studio LIDENFILMS who made Tokyo Revengers and The Heroic Legend of Arslan anime shows. It is officially coming in January 2022.

The anime will be directed by Yu Aoki and was confirmed in a YouTube Live event. There was also another announcement during the live event that a mobile smartphone game would be released, which we don’t have an exact release date on.

Back in 2020, The Tribe Nine gaming project was first announced with a trailer released by Too Kyo Games and Kazutaka Kodaka. The development team does not lack anime knowledge and is not a stranger because they previously worked on Akudama Drive.

The basic premise of the anime is that various groups across Tokyo city take part in intense baseball matches, but instead of regular showdowns, you get some epic action-packed ones.

Kodaka mentioned in Weekly Famitsu that the project’s primary focus is on “extreme sports” and “street fights” while using the city as a playground. So, we’re getting an anime adaptation and a mobile game.

Are you excited about this one? Do you love the genre mix in the upcoming anime, and how excited are you after knowing Funimation took over co-producing? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Source: Funimation Official Website!

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