Funimation Streams Horror Comedy Anime Mieruko Chan’s English Dub!

mieruko chan anime english dub

On Friday, Funimation has announced that it will be streaming the new horror-comedy gem Mieruko chan anime in English Dub starting from Sunday. It has also revealed the English cast for the anime, and you can see them here.

The English cast of the anime include:

  • Alexis Tipton as Miko
  • Lindsay Sheppard as Yulia
  • Sarah Wiedenheft as Hana
  • Suzie Yeung as Kyosuke
  • Elizabeth Maxwell as Tohko
  • Michael Sorich as Mamoru
  • Dawn M. Bennett as Mao
  • Erica Schroeder as Arai
  • Steven Kelly as Junji
  • Sarah Williams as Hitoe

The anime started premiering on October 3rd, and it is also streaming on Funimation. If you’re unaware of the crew that made this fantastic anime, you can view them here:

The staff/crew members for the English dub include:

  • Director: Amber Lee Connors
  • Studio: Sound Cadence Studios
  • Line Producer: Amber Lee Connors
  • Assistant Directors: Daman Mills, Marissa Lenti, and Mike Haimoto
  • Lead ADR Engineers: Natalie Van Sistine
  • English script writer: Jarrod Greene
  • Supervisor of the script: Emily Neves
  • Incharge of ADR preparation: Jennifer Alyx
  • Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Matt Grounds
  • Talent Coordinator: Sarah Poulsen
  • Production Assistant: J. Michael Tatum

So, if you’re not much of a fan to watch subbed anime, you can catch up on this anime with the dubbed episodes from this Sunday. For more anime/manga updates, stay tuned on Anime Ukiyo!

Source: Funimation!

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