Top 50+ Smoking Hot Anime Girls of All Time

hot anime girls

We often imagine ourselves with our waifu, and although it isn’t possible to make our dream come true, it gives us a little satisfaction. So, have you ever done that?

Some sexy anime girls from anime shows give us one more reason to watch it entirely. So, here is the list of the top 50 hot anime girls you’ll come across.

Hot Anime Girls List!

55. Seishirou Tsugumi

Seishirou Tsugumi- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Nisekoi
  • Traits: Tomboy, Strong, and Blue-haired

Tsugumi is a funny character and the best girl in the whole anime. Although she seems a bit weird, it’s all because of her split personality. Regardless, she is so beautiful and one of the hot anime girls out there.

54. Nobara Kugisaki

Nobara Kugisaki- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Traits: Hot-headed, Badass, and Strong

Nobara is such a badass character that she would even stab herself with the nails to defeat the enemy. As a man, I find her very hot in every fight, and although she is hot-headed, I love her so much.

53. Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna Nishikinomiya- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist
  • Traits: Perverted, Wealthy, and Crazy

Anna is such an interesting character because she expresses her love in extreme ways, and probably she’s the reason you watched this anime. She’s a bit perverted but pretty hot and cute at times.

52. Dorothea

Dorothea- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Sirius the Jaeger
  • Traits: Dark-skinned, Gunslinger, and Big Breasts

Seriously, what a babe? The right-hand woman of Williard in the anime, and she is the queen we deserve. Who wouldn’t want to have a date with this adorable chick?

51. Ichiko Sakura

Ichiko Sakura- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Good Luck Girl!
  • Traits: Egoistic, Grey-haired, and Huge breasts

Sakura is likable even with her Egoistic character, and by the end of the anime, people love her even more. Although she is a total b*tch, a god-tier waifu to have.

50. Ako Tamaki

Ako Tamaki- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: And you thought there is never a girl online?
  • Traits: Cute, Weird, and Loves video games

Ako is cute and sweet at times, but she can get pretty weird other times. That’s why most people have mixed feelings about her. But one thing is for sure; she’s pretty damn hot to qualify as a waifu.

49. Masane Amaha

Masane Amaha- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Witchblade
  • Traits: Amnesiac, Brown-haired, and Caring (a lot)

Masane Amaha is an admirable character, and the love she shows as a mother is truly beautiful. Putting aside her character’s traits, she looks stunning and one of the hottest anime women out there.

48. Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa Hanekawa- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Monogatari
  • Traits: Black-haired, Huge Breasts, and Caring

Hanekawa could’ve been the best girl if her character wasn’t ruined with all the fanservice. But with all the fanservice, I can’t help but accept how hot she looks and definitely a waifu material.

47. Alex Benedetto

Alex Benedetto- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Gangsta
  • Traits: Dark-skinned, Good-natured, and Prostitute

Alex is the most precious and angelic character in the anime. Her story kind of feels sad, but I love how the author makes us love her character. I wouldn’t mind making her my girlfriend if I had a chance, though.

46. Shizuka Marikawa

Shizuka Marikawa- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: High School of the Dead
  • Traits: Seductive, Caring, and Huge Breasts

Shizuka might be a useless character, but she’s definitely a reason for the anime’s popularity. Who wouldn’t want to watch anime with extremely hot chicks, and she tops at that.

45. Lucy Hearfilia

Lucy Hearfilia- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Fairy Tail
  • Traits: Blonde-haired, Writer, and Has a lot of determination

In my opinion, Lucy gets an unfair amount of hate. She has a few scenes with fan service and might not be as good as Erza and Natsu at combat, but she’s a hell of cute and a total hottie.

44. Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Cowboy Bebop
  • Traits: Gambler, Smoker, and Selfish

Faye Valentine is one of the hottest characters from the 90s. Although she is a bit selfish, I loved every scene with her, and damn, she’s so hot and a waifu you want to have.

43. Furan Takaki

Furan Takaki- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Maken-ki
  • Traits: Blonde-haired, Strong, and Badass

Takaki is the Student Council President at Tenbi Academy, and she’s the hottest one in the anime. I love how badass she gets at times and also super sexy all the time.

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42. Shion Souryuuin

Shion Souryuuin- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Kengan Ashura
  • Traits: Bossy, Smoker, and Brown-haired.

If there is a female character in this anime that can captivate even top-fighters, then it’s Shion. I doubt you can control yourself if she were to become your woman.

41. Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro- Hot Anime Girls
  • Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
  • Traits: Purple-haired, Sadistic, and Loves to eat Kaneki

Rize is one of the most important characters in Tokyo Ghoul and the hottest too. Although there aren’t many scenes involving her, she left a good impression on the audience.

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