10 Best Manhwa without NTR You Should Consider Reading!

Manhwa without NTR

We may read tons of manhwa every day and in most of these, there will be NTR (Netorare) for sure. For example, Queen Bee, Taming a Maid, and Drug Candy have some NTR stuff that makes them a bit disturbing.

So if you just want to enjoy some peaceful romance between the couples in these mature manhwa/webtoons, we have a good list prepared for you. So without any further ado, let’s get the list of manhwa without NTR started!

Best Manhwa without NTR!

10. Nineteen

Nineteen- Best Manhwa without NTR!

Nineteen is a collection of eight unrelated stories with a lot of eroticism. Most of them contain a couple of chapters but some are exception. The story’s narration is smooth and feels as if someone is recounting their life’s experience.

You get after party themes, party games where people have to make out with others, having intercourse in public places, and taking advantage of lonely situations. Since these stories are completely unrelated to each other, you won’t be seeing any NTR scenarios.

The girl characters are adorable, and the artist has done an impressive job in making the scenes as sensual as possible. If you’re looking for a manhwa without NTR, this one is right up your alley.

9. Tie me Up

Tie me Up- Best Manhwa without NTR!

Namgeon and Yeorang work in adult industry and completely strangers. When their lives get ruined due to some sexual defections and rumors, they decide to die.

When they separately visit a hardware store for a rope to take their lives, a miracle takes place. The rope magically cures their sexual problems, and now they both decide to explore the pleasures to come with it.

The story is simple and fair, yet the characters are adorable. While the concept is pretty exciting, the true significance of the manhwa lies in the chemistry.

There is no NTR and plain romance to please you until the very end. Even though the story feels a bit rushed, you’ll enjoy it regardless.

8. Sports Girl

Sports Girl- Best Manhwa without NTR!

Sweaty women who work out are way too sexier, and this manhwa involves a collection of six short stories where sports girls make out in various situations.

  • The boxer (Chapters 1-4)
  • The swimmer (Chapters 5-8)
  • The biker (Chapters 9-12)
  • The runner (Chapters 13-16)
  • The two wrestlers (Chapters 17-22)
  • The Gymnast (Chapters 23-27)

In other words, all the couples in these chapters immediately get interested in each other and proceed to have a pleasurable time. It has no NTR because of the concept, and you’ll love it.

7. The Spot Master

The Spot Master- Best Manhwa without NTR!

The MC loves every woman he comes across, and he wants to win their hearts. Even though it seems impossible, a woman teaches him a “Spot” technique. How will he use it?

The Spot Master is a hilarious manhwa with many funny interactions and intercourses. If you were in MCs shoes, you’ll have the best life.

It has a good artwork along with an intriguing plot and there is no NTR stuff to take your mood off.

So, if you’re looking for a manhwa without NTR, try this one out.

6. PC Goddess Room

PC Goddess Room- Best Manhwa without NTR!

In a PC room of Seoul, Yan Lui is very famous beauty. Tae Sim regularly visit the café just to look at her.

When a group of thugs tries to abuse her, he saves her and manages to get into a relationship with her. A dream come true?

PC Goddess Room has a slow start with a few funny scenes, but once it gets into the main story where the MC gets into a relationship with her, it gets pretty good.

The artwork was decent, and the story was okay as well. But the best thing is their chemistry and there is no NTR with only a beautiful romance between the leads.

5. Sweet Guy

Sweet Guy- Best Manhwa without NTR!

Hosang has a stroke of pretty bad luck with women, and he doesn’t seem to know why. But everything changes when he gets electrocuted by an electric mat that belongs to his friend.

With his newfound ability, which attracts almost every woman he comes across, Hosang is ready to explore his life to the fullest. Could this be a dream life no one expects?

Well, the concept is pretty realistic as it revolves around a nerd who has zero luck with girls. Obviously, this is one of the best erotic manhwas I’ve read in both story wise and execution wise.

The artwork is splendid and there are tons of romantic scenes which take it to the next level. The characters are likable and if you’re expecting some hardcore stuff, you got that too, and it’s without any NTR stuff involved.

4. A Pervert’s Daily Life

A Pervert's Daily Life- Best Manhwa without NTR!

Seyoung is excited to live in her new company dorm, and she walked straight into her room without thinking twice. At the same time, Jinwoo was pleasing himself in the room.

Apparently, these both are roommates, and now Jinwoo can’t hide his embarrassment. However, Seyoung has her dirty little secret which makes her a perfect roommate.

Almost the first 15-20 chapters in the manhwa is a bit repetitive with embarrassing situations between the leads. But from chapter 20, it gets really good.

The artwork is stunning, and the characters are nothing short of sweet. Overall, you’ll be having some sweet time reading this webtoon.

3. The Missing O

The Missing O- Best Manhwa without NTR!

It has been 7 years since Eunsung has had a proper orgasm, and that’s when she found out about the true pleasures of having sex. Can she ever feel the same ecstasy as her first experience?

This manhwa deals with sexual problems and relationships. The writing was very impressive and the relationship of the main characters is lovable. The art can be strange at times, but you’ll get used to it in no time.

The intercourse scenes will make your time worthwhile even with censorship and overall, it is a pretty decent manhwa without any disturbing scenes.

2. The Virgin Witch

The Virgin Witch- Best Manhwa without NTR!

30-year-old virgin Mihye is thirsty to pop the cherry and finally enjoy the pleasures of being a woman, but unfortunately, all she has for her birthday is wine and cake. She makes a wish and surprisingly finds a handsome man in front of her.

He presents her an irresistible offer: become a witch and make him her familiar, and your life will change forever. We guess she won’t be riding just broomsticks now!

This manhwa is definitely a huge guilty pleasure read. It is like every person’s fantasy who is especially a virgin. The artwork might not seem the best, but it was effortful, and the characters are astonishing.

If you’re looking for a unique manhwa without much NTR scenes, try it out.

1. Lucky Guy

Lucky Guy- Best Manhwa without NTR!

Jungsuk blew the most important exam of his life and even got dumped by his girlfriend. Now with the rejection of his chosen college, his future doesn’t look right. But Jungsuk decided not to give up and instead, he joined a boarding cram school.

The school is pretty much sealed from outside, and he’s stuck with stressed out and horny students who act incredibly weird. Even though it is distracting, Jungsuk can learn some lessons from busty Kang to focus.

Lucky Guy is your average student-teacher love story with a happy ending, which is quite natural for a manhwa without NTR. It is a simple story without any cheating on partner stuff and the romance is pretty smooth.

The artwork isn’t the best, but it is definitely eye-catching. The author did an impressive job in adding sexual intercourse once in a while to make it mature manhwa and overall, you’re going to love it.

Conclusive Thoughts!

After reading so many popular webtoons (especially 18+), we’ve gotten sick of NTR themes where everyone meets despair in the end. So, reading some cute and non-NTR manhwa is a great change of pace.

These titles will keep you on your right mind for a while and also makes you appreciate the benefits of loyal relationship. So, do you have any other manhwa without NTR that should be added to the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    1. Do you mean stepmother-son manhwa? If so, Stepmother’s Friends and My Stepmom are pretty good.

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