Top 10 Strongest & Hottest One Piece Female Characters Ranked!

hottest one piece female characters

One Piece has tons and tons of characters. It’s been running since 1997, and it’s anime since 1999. With more than 1000 episodes and chapters, it’s the best longest-running series till now.

And if you were looking to know about its characters, maybe its female characters who are both strong and beautiful, or were beautiful at one point, then this is the list we made for you.

We got the hottest and the strongest One Piece female characters lined up for you.

Hottest One Piece Female Characters!

11. Carrot

Carrot- Hottest One Piece Female Characters!

Carrot loves carrots, as the name suggests. She is a rabbit from the minks tribe of Zou island who are animals but looks and speaks like humans. She is adorable and likes to bite Luffy.

Minks tribe have a secret form that gives them immense power. They can tap into that power when they stare at the full moon. Sometimes it is uncontrollable for them too. Carrot looks really hot in her Sulong form. She has long white hair and red eyes, which look really good on her.

10. Nami

Nami- Hottest One Piece Female Characters!

Nami swaaan!! is the first female member of Straw hat pirates. Although she was considered weak, she is not. She doesn’t have brute strength, but she has brains to cover for her weakness and a Clima Tact, a weapon made by Ussop for her to control climate.

She is not strong, but she is beautiful, energetic, and a sweet girl. She loves money more than anything. And she managed to bargain some of the hottest looks after the time skip.

9. Robin

Robin- Hottest One Piece Female Characters!

Robin is also known as a devil child who had a bounty of 80 million when she was just Eight. Navy couldn’t catch her for decades. Her early life struggles made her a strong and self-sufficient woman.

Although she was already pretty, Timeskip gave her one of the best glow up in the whole series. She is not just beautiful, but she is the most mature and intelligent in the straw hat crew. She does like dark humor, though.

8. Charlotte Smoothie

Charlotte Smoothie- Hottest One Piece Female Characters!

Charlotte Smoothie is the daughter of Big Mom and one of her top commanders. she is one the strongest female characters in the One Piece series and has one of the highest bounties among female characters.

It’s an unpopular opinion, but she is indeed hot. She is tall with excellent body proportions, and she can suck your juices quite literally, i.e., her devil fruit power. If you don’t believe me, ask Sanji.

7. Shirahoshi

Shirahoshi- Hottest One Piece Female Characters!

Princess Shiraishi is not a human, quite literally. She is a mermaid and the princess of Fishman Island. She is too sweet, cute, and the epitome of beauty. Her beauty is even compared to the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock.

There are many strong female characters in One Piece than Shirahoshi in terms of brute force. Still, Shirhoshi has an extraordinary power to control and order Sea Kings according to her will. She is an ancient weapon herself which poneglyph’s spoke of.

6. Ulti

Ulti- Hottest One Piece Female Characters!

Sweet and annoying but very lovely, Ulti is one of the strongest soldiers and part of the elite group called Tobi Roppo. She loves to irritate his little brother Pay Pay who is also a part of Tobi Roppo.

We don’t need to discuss her strength. I mean, Kaido only takes strong soldiers for his army. She can use haki, and she did manage to land some severe hits on Luffy and fought Yamato and Big Mom head-on.

5. Charlotte Linlin

Charlotte Linlin- Hottest One Piece Female Characters!

I know you are shocked, but I am not talking about the current Big Mom; I am talking about Rock pirate Big Mom when she was in her prime. Oh boy, she was so hot.

There aren’t many scenes of her in her prime, but definitely, she’ll be shown in the God valley incident or Rock Pirate back story. And don’t even get me started about her power.

She is the only female among the Yonko’s. She has her own empire with an entire army. And the top officials of her army worth around a billion berry bounty.

4. Black Maria

Black Maria- Hottest One Piece Female Characters!

Some people might hate her because of what she did to Sanji and ronin in the manga, but this is not about her deeds. She is one of the Tobi Roppo and close to Kaido.

She has a crafty mind, and can easily play on her enemies’ weaknesses. She is a devil fruit user and a youthful woman, and she has her own brothel.

She is even taller than Kaido and caught Sanji off-guard because of her beauty. She does have horns which makes her an Onim, a race whose’s details are yet to be disclosed.

3. Yamato

Yamato- Hottest One Piece Female Characters!

Yamato is the daughter of the Yonko Kaido. She was fighting on par with him in Onigashima that easily tells how strong she is. She can use conqueror’s haki from childhood, and to top it off, her inspiration is none other than Oden himself.

And you can’t compare how she looks. I mean, she is tall with a big butt that takes care of more than half of the fans. Also, she is a devil fruit eater who ate Okuchi no Makami, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows her to transform into a divine wolf.

2. Vinsmoke Reiju

Vinsmoke Reiju- Hottest One Piece Female Characters!

Vinsmoke Reiju is the elder sister of Sanji and the first kiss of Luffy and she is quite strong. Her power is to absorb and produce all kinds of poisons. With six tattooed on both of her thighs and her slender body, she’s insanely hot.

Her strength is just amazing since she is the daughter of Vinsmoke Judge. He made her body strong with his German technology like he did with his other sons. Reiju has an exoskeleton just like her brothers.

1. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock- Hottest One Piece Female Characters!

Boa is the epitome of Hottness. I mean, she is the most beautiful woman in the human race in the One Piece world. There isn’t a gender that doesn’t fall for her.

She is the captain of Kuja Pirates, the only female among the Warlords of the sea, princess of Amazon Lily. Boa can turn anyone into stone just with her beauty.

She is a devil fruit user, survived torture from Celestial dragon, and also took part in the War of the bests. Boa Hancock is undoubtedly one of One Piece’s strongest and hottest characters.

Conclusive Thoughts!

This list consists of the hottest and strongest One Piece female characters. These characters are not just beautiful but strong enough to fight enemies for themselves and their friends. We chose some of the best according to us.

So, did you find our list reasonable? Or do you think we missed a few hot and strong One Piece girls on the list? If you think so, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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