Top 10 Hottest Tokyo Revengers Characters! [Male]

hottest tokyo revengers characters

Tokyo Revengers, written by Ken Wakui, has picked up steam because of its unique take on shounen manga, which has some of the most respectable and attractive male characters.

Hanagaki Takemichi and his companions want to be delinquents, and the narrative focuses on them. Their fantasies were going well until they were drawn into conflicts with genuine delinquent gangs.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 hottest male characters from Tokyo Revengers, or you can just refer to them as The Hottest Tokyo Revengers Characters.

Hottest Tokyo Revengers Characters!

10. Hanagaki Takemichi

Hottest Tokyo Revengers Characters!-Hanagaki Takemichi

Hanagaki is the series’ central character. Eventually, a man with a good heart and a naive mentality got himself into many disputes. However, he demonstrated throughout the manga that being true to one’s feelings and not being ashamed to weep when things become tough makes one stronger.

Despite his lack of combat abilities, Hanagaki is weathering the gangs’ brutal politics with pure persistence and a positive attitude.

Hanagaki is not just one of the most attractive male characters in Tokyo Revengers, but he is also one of the best-written. We can’t help but be impressed by him.

9. Kazutora Hanemiya

Kazutora Hanemiya

Kazutora is one of Tokyo Manji’s core members. Unfortunately, his naive and warped mentality led to the unintentional death of Sano Shinichiro. As a result, he was sentenced to ten years in the Detention Center to make up for his crimes.

In terms of character design, he is undoubtedly one of the most attractive characters in Tokyo Revengers. All of his characteristics are outstanding, especially his bicolored hair in a wolf cut. He was devoted to his pals and simply wanted to make them happy, despite his warped nature.

Unfortunately, he put himself in several risky and ethically incorrect circumstances as a result of a lack of competent direction and counselling, which devastated his life.

8. Shiba Hakkai

Shiba Hakkai

Shiba has gone through numerous transformations as the story proceeds. He is the captain of Tokyo Manji’s Second Division. He’s always been a bit of a nerd, but he’s always been a kind man.

Furthermore, he stayed faithful to his commander, Mitsuya, and his buddies throughout the story’s timelines. This was to the extent that he was willing to risk his life to defend them, particularly Takemichi.

Unlike his brothers, he is a kind person with a good heart. He’s also one of Toman’s strongest members, capable of knocking out average criminals with a single punch. Even though he is a supporting character, he has garnered a lot of fan attention and respect.

7. Shuji Hanma 

Shuji Hanma 

Throughout Tokyo Revengers, Shuji has been a member of many gangs. He used to be one of Tetta Kisaki’s closest allies before joining the Kanto Manji Gang. As Tetta’s confidant, he would plan a series of attacks against the Tokyo Manji Gang, to overthrow its present leadership.

Shuji, despite his flaws, is another character who thrives on a sense of excitement. Fighting is the one thing that fully satisfies his desire for thrills. To deal with his extreme boredom and to have any kind of excitement in his life, Shuji turned to street violence.

6. Inui Seishu

Inui Seishu

Nui, commonly known as Inupi, is Black Dragon’s current Vice-Captain. His total confidence in rock heels puts him different from the other characters, making him more appealing. He has been a loyal best friend who will go to any length to defend his loved ones, particularly his childhood best pal Koko.

Inui has often demonstrated his fighting prowess. He is a thoughtful, considerate individual who believes in himself. As a result, he entrusted Takemichi with putting things right.

 Inui is undeniably one of the most attractive male characters in Tokyo Revengers. Without him, our list would be incomplete.

5. Kokonoi Hajime

Kokonoi Hajime

Kokonoi was a member of Kanto Manji until the manga’s 252nd chapter. Mikey was someone he trusted, and he followed him everywhere he went. He came to his senses as a result of Inui’s companionship. He left Kanto Manji in the middle of the struggle to support his best buddy. 

Although the fact that they are both up against two great warriors, Koko decides to trust his allies. Despite his difficult history, he has excellent financial understanding and has made sound financial decisions.

As a result, he possesses the great fortune that everyone desires. He is not only intelligent, but also a skilled combatant. As a result, Koko is deserving of a high ranking on our list.

4. Takashi Mitsuya

Takashi Mitsuya

Mitsuya’s calm and collected demeanor is adored by everyone in her fan base. In this environment of delinquents, he is undoubtedly the most rational individual. He is a founder member of the Tokyo Manji and the Second Division Captain.

Mitsuya always has an open mind while interacting with others and is extremely concerned about his loved ones. In all the timelines, he has been nothing but compassionate, no matter how horrible things have ended. The fact that so many characters look up to him is proof enough of his greatness.

What makes him even more appealing is his incredible stitching abilities, indicating that he is a gifted designer. He frequently sews gang members’ outfits and uniforms. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also one of Tokyo Revengers’ best fighters.

3. Sano Manjiro 

Sano Manjiro 

We can’t forget about Sano Manjiro, called Mikey, who is one of the series’ most beloved characters. In Tokyo Revengers, he is one of the most admired characters. He genuinely cares about his family and friends. Takemichi only survived his fight to the death at the opening of the book because of Mikey.

Mikey is one of Tokyo Revengers’ most powerful characters, with extraordinary combat skills, particularly his tremendous kicks, which knock out the majority of his opponents.

Unfortunately, he has been through way too much in his life and has developed a warped mentality as a result. When his emotions get too much for him to bear, he frequently loses himself. Mikey is now one of the causes for Takemichi’s 19th-time leap, as well as the person with whom he must communicate.

2. Baji Keisuke

Baji Keisuke

Baji has shown great dedication to his members and friends as a founder member and First Division Captain of Tokyo Manji. To the point when he sacrifices himself to Kazutora, to defend Mikey and Toman.

Baji’s incredible strength and crazy nature are respected by practically everyone in the gang. When he’s enthusiastic about a battle, he frequently untangles his lovely long hair. Despite his impulsive nature, he managed to enter Valhalla and expose them before they could destroy Toman.

The fact that his division’s members remained so loyal to him even after he left Toman speaks volumes about how respectful he is. Baji is unquestionably one of Tokyo Revengers’ greatest characters.

1. Ryuguji Ken

Ryuguji Ken

Ryuguji, aka Draken, is a founding member of Tokyo Manji and its Vice-President. He’s always been by Mikey’s side and looked after him. Draken, unlike Mikey, has a calm and thoughtful demeanor and always thinks rationally.

Draken is naturally taller than most of the other characters, and he has a distinctive dragon tattoo on his left temple. He also maintains his hair braided, giving him a stunning image.

Draken has always been devoted to and protective of the people he loves. In addition, he is a superb fighter with superior fighting abilities. Draken takes the top spot on our list because he is undoubtedly the most attractive character in Tokyo Revengers.

Final Thoughts!

These are the top 10 hottest Tokyo Revengers characters we find very attractive and appealing. We’re pretty certain that you’d agree with most characters on the list, and there is a slight chance that you won’t.

So, what do you think about the list? Do you think any other character deserves a spot on the list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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