How to Watch Anime for Free in Any Country! (Legally)

how to watch anime for free

As you already know, anime fandom grows as time moves on. However, more than half of them struggle to watch their favorite anime. The reason is not able to find the sources or in other words, not knowing where to and how to watch anime.

So, most of the viewers adjust to the sources they got after searching for a long time. For them, we got more than a few ways to watch anime. It doesn’t matter which country you’re in, you can at least get some websites that offer free anime. So, let us guide you to the list of a few ways on how to watch anime for free.

How to Watch Anime for Free!

Streaming Websites:

If you’re looking for free streaming anime sites and not for downloading, then here are a bunch of them. Make sure to note that these are specially designed for streaming not downloading.


Most of you might have already known that Crunchyroll is a famous source for watching anime but you can use it in both formats (either app or website). It might not offer you the premium service but you can watch anime for free until you get bored of it.

The only thing that might seem to hesitate you will be ads. Well, aren’t there so many ways to block the ads on a website? For example, Brave Browser blocks all the ads and gives you the best streaming experience.


Toonami- how to watch anime for free

Toonami is your online companion which values the experience of the viewer more than anything. It has everything an Otaku needs from anime to manga and the UI is spectacular. If you’re wondering how to watch anime for free, then this might be a great option. So, feel free to visit it once and see it for yourself.


Just like how Crunchyroll offers you the free anime streaming facility with ads, Funimation does the same. However, unlike Crunchyroll, it isn’t available in all countries just like it isn’t in India. So, if it is available in your respective country, then enjoy your watch.


Hulu- how to watch anime for free

Hulu is somewhat similar to Crunchyroll and Funimation but it doesn’t offer you a lifetime free-streaming option. You can get a free trial for one month and from there you might have to go for premium services. Since you’re here for sources that’ll offer you free streaming services, make this the least preference.


HIDIVE- how to watch anime for free

HIDIVE is yet another source like Crunchyroll, Funimation but only gives you a 30-day free trial period. Even though it is only a 30-day trial, HIDIVE gives you a great experience, and you don’t have to worry much about the ads. So, if you’re searching for free anime streaming websites (legally), then HIDIVE is a good alternative.


vrv- how to watch anime for free

VRV is definitely one of the best online streaming sites out there because it is well-known for anime sorting. You can find any anime easily and watch it tirelessly and it’s completely free (except ad-free streaming needs a premium membership). So, if you’re still unable to find a good streaming source, you might as well try this one.


When you’re left with options to choose apps over websites, what would you prefer? We say you go for the former. Unlike anime streaming websites, apps give you a good experience and make it easier for you to watch. So, this option might be a great alternative. Here are a few apps you can choose to stream or download anime.

  • AnimeLab
  • Crunchyroll
  • FunimationNow
  • VRV
  • Amazon Prime Video (14-day free trial)
  • Youtube

Final Thoughts

After giving a lot of thought, we assume that the list we gave you will be helpful to you on numerous occasions. Since we provided you with many options or alternatives, choose the one you feel comfortable with and most of these sources allow you to watch it offline. So, if you have any doubts regarding our post, feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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