Fan-Favourite Lisa Releases New Album “Leo-Nine” in October 2020!

lisa leo-nine

Recently with the teaser of Demon Slayer movie, fans have been excited a lot. And with Lisa’s new single “Homura,” the excitement has been doubled. It has also been long since she released an album or to be precise, in 2017. But it seems like we’re going to get a new album soon. Shall we get into the news to know further details?

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Lisa Releases New Album “Leo-Nine!”

The official website of the Japanese singer Lisa announced today that her next album titled “Leo-Nine” would come out on October 14, 2020. The album will also include a new single of Lisa shown in the teaser of Mugen Train movie. And this will be the fifth album of Lisa following her fourth album Little Devil Parade that released in 2017.

In these three years, she didn’t release a full album. Instead, she gave us some beautiful hits, such as Unlasting, Gurenge, and Adamas. While this new album consists of 13 songs, it will also include her previous three single releases- Adamas, Gurenge and Aijou (Theme song for the ongoing TV drama “13”). Meanwhile, her 17th single “Homura” will be featuring as the theme song for the movie Mugen Train that was going to release on October 16, 2020.

Yuki Kajiura composes the ballad for the album who has previously worked “from the edge” of a TV series. Both Lisa and Kajiura have co-written the lyrics. With this album, she finally reaches fifth hit album in her career. So, here are her previous albums:

  • LOVER”S”MILE (2012)
  • LANDSCAPE (2013)
  • Launcher (2015)


So, it is decided that we’re finally getting an album from our favourite singer Lisa. More importantly, it consists of thirteen songs with some additional previous hits. Aren’t you excited? What are your thoughts on the upcoming album of “Leo-Nine”? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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