Maid Sama Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Plot, and More Updates

maid sama season 2
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Kaichou wa Maid-sama was one of the best rom-coms to date, and countless fans over the world cherish it. But there hasn’t been another season in years, is it?

So, the question is, will there be Maid sama season? Or is Maid sama season 2 release date confirmed already? In this article, we’ll unveil all the details for you.

Maid sama Season 2 Release Date!

So far, there is no second season for maid sama, since the franchise gave no official confirmation. It’s been over a decade and there are several reasons why it has not gotten another season yet.

So, what are the reasons? And why didn’t it get another season, even after all these years? The main point is, will maid sama get a season 2? Let’s determine.

Will there be Maid sama Season 2?

maid sama season 2 release date
Image Credits: Sentai Filmworks

To determine whether there will be a second season, we need to consider three main factors: It’s popularity, past performance, and the source material.

1. Popularity: Undoubtedly, maid sama anime’s popularity resides in the top echelon of romance anime shows. However, it took many years to slowly rise in popularity instead of getting famous when it came out.

2. Past Performance: Past Performance indicates how many sales the anime achieved, primarily in Japan and then international wide. Although we’re not sure on the exact number, to say that the anime performed quite well is not an exaggeration by any means.

3. Source Material: Source material refers to manga or light novel from where the anime adapted the storyline. So, in this anime’s case, it is the manga and there are plenty of chapters left to produce another season.

So, where’s the problem? Why haven’t we gotten another season? We have many opinions regarding this one, and let’s discuss them while viewing the possibilities.

Possibilities of Getting Maid Sama Season 2!

Unfortunately, it seems like getting a second season of Maid sama is hopeless and chances are quite slim. There are a few reasons which might seem plausible to you.

  • Although the anime was fantastic, by the end, it somehow shows the symptoms of degradation. In fact, as the story progresses, the story loses its charm in the manga.
  • Since the anime wasn’t as popular back then as it is now, the franchise didn’t consider making another season.
  • The anime was pretty much a promotion for the manga when it released and they never intended to make another season unless the reaction of the audience was far from what they had expected.

Maid Sama Manga Continuation after Season 1!

maid sama manga continuation

Maid sama anime ends at Chapter 32 in the manga. So, if you want to continue the story, you can start with Chapter 32 as it relates to the events from the anime’s ending.

We also have another option, which is to read it from the beginning as suggested by the experts. However, we read it from Chapter 32 and felt nothing missing. So, you can start it from there.

Maid Sama Season 2 Trailer!

Since there is no official confirmation regarding the second season of Kaichou wa maid sama, there is trailer or teaser released. Even though you come across a few of them on YouTube, they are all fan-made.

However, if in the future, through a sheer miracle, we get an announcement regarding Kaichou wa maid sama season 2, we’ll be sure to update the trailer here.

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, we won’t be getting Maid sama season 2 episode 1 in Crunchyroll or Netflix anytime soon. Maybe It’s time you move on from the expectations and read the manga.

So, have you enjoyed the first season of Maid sama? If you want to stay up-to-date on seasonal anime updates, make sure to keep an eye on our Anime Next Season page.

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