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If you’ve watched Redo of Healer (Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi) anime, then that’s probably the reason why you’re here. Anyway, it’s good that you can find similar manga/anime to Redo of Healer. Redo of Healer might not be one of the best isekai anime, but it is definitely entertaining and controversial.

It is a revenge-themed anime with some adult themes in it. Recently it has been contentious by exhibiting revenge in the forms of rape and abuse. However, if you loved it, then this list is for you. So, let’s start the list of manga/anime similar to Redo of Healer.

Anime Similar to Redo of Healer!

1. Rance: Quest for Hikari

Rance: Quest for Hikari- anime similar to redo of healer

Rance is an adventurer who takes the quests Keith Guild and Free Cities Alliance with his slave Sill Plain. He is perverted, yet does several paid jobs and gets them done in time.

One day, he receives a quest to find a missing noble girl named Hikari from the Kingdom of Lezas. After seeing her cute picture, he accepts the quest, but later on, he realizes that this case is much deeper than he can deal with.

Rance is one of the greatest hentâi anime of all time. I’d say it is even better than some of the main isekai anime shows out there. Well, if you’re a man of culture, then you’re sure to enjoy this one a lot.

It makes you laugh, amazes with some romance scenes, and overall, it is an amazing anime like Redo of Healer. So, make sure to add this one to your list right away.

2. Peter Grill and Philosopher’s Time

anime similar to redo of healer- peter grill and philosopher's time

Peter Grill is an adventurer with the title “strongest person in the world.” His girlfriend Luvelia Sanctos loves him, and he vows to spend the rest of his life with her.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) his name spreads across the country and women from other races- elvesogres, and orcs try to mate with him in hoping to bear a healthy and mighty child. Can he resist them, to not betray Luvelia’s trust?

Peter Grill and Philosopher’s Time anime is made for the people who desire NTR fantasies. However, there is no indication of what type of audience this anime targets. To put it simply, it throws all aďult themes in it.

So, if you’re that kind of person, then this anime is completely for you. After all, it is one of the anime similar to Redo of Healer.

3. World’s End Harem

World's End Harem Anime

When a virus kills 99.9% of males in the world, only Reito and four other men awake from a cryogenic sleep after five years. Waking up in a world with no males except them, Reito has a separate goal, that is, to find his lover Tachibana Erisa.

However, Reito and other males are given luxurious life and a simple mission to repopulate the earth by impregnating as many women as possible. Can Reito resist the temptation to find his only love?

World’s End Harem is one of the controversial anime series of 2021 and with the plot, you can already guess why it is controversial and also how it is an anime similar to Redo of Healer.

It is a harem anime with a sexual theme in it. So, that’s why we think you should watch this anime if you loved Redo of Healer.

4. The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero- anime similar to redo of healer

The story follows Naofumi Iwatani, who gets summoned into a world along with the other three heroes. Although he is one of the heroes, he is undervalued since he is a “Shield Hero.”

In addition to these, he is betrayed by the princess of the kingdom and becomes falsely accused of taking advantage of her. Filled with rage, Naofumi leaves the palace to strengthen himself.

The Rising of the Shield Hero is more like a revenge-themed story except it isn’t. But it is definitely one of the best isekai anime like Redo of Healer out there.

Although it doesn’t involve any controversial scenes like Redo of Healer, it still is a pretty good watch. So, make sure to add this one to your list as well.

Both Dubbed and Subbed versions are available in the link below!

5. High School DxD

anime similar to redo of healer- high school dxd

Issei Hyoudou is a pervert who goes on a date with a beautiful angel and gets killed by her on the very first day. Fortunately, he gets a second life because of a devil girl named Rias Gremory (waifu❤) and recruits him as her servant.

Now Issei must grow stronger to survive in this world of devils and angels while he is surrounded by a beautiful harem of devils in the school’s occult club.

High School DxD is an amazing ecchi anime with tons of sexuâl themed scenes in it. If you didn’t watch this anime yet, you sure are missing a lot. Naturally, our minds are filled with such expectations.

Surprisingly, this anime provides you with desirable content and fills you with entertainment. Thus, we consider this anime similar to Redo of Healer.

Manga Similar to Redo of Healer!

1. The Dark Massacre of the Vengeful Hero

The Dark Massacre of the Vengeful Hero- manga similar to redo of healer

Raul is born in a world where kind people are used and foolish people rule it. He is betrayed by the humans he cherished and protected but before his last breath, he vows to take vengeance on them.

With his new life, he finds everyone who betrayed him in his previous life including a sadistic queen and her soldiers. Raul embarks on a journey to deliver his way of judgment to them.

The revenge theme and how the revenge takes place in this manga gives the similarity towards Redo of Healer. It’s more like a “revenge pôrn” than just a violent and dark-themed manga.

You might’ve probably missed this manga and we suggest you read it since it is one of the manga similar to Redo of Healer.

2. Nidome no Yusha

Nidome no Yusha- manga similar to redo of healer

Kaito, the summoned hero was killed by his friends who once shared life and death situations with him. Kaito only wants one thing- to take revenge on them even it takes dying one more time.

When the Holy Sword of Vengeance activates and time rewinds to the moment when he was reincarnated to this world, and this time he won’t be fooled anymore. Instead, he has the advantage to show them his pain.

This type of isekai manga is rare because there is no truck-kun in it and it is more like a reincarnation theme in the isekai world itself. Its hate and revenge concept is so similar to Redo of Healer.

While it has a good plot, the characters are decent but what makes it more exciting is its pace and the scenes you’re looking for.

3. Isekai NTR

Isekai NTR- manga similar to redo of healer

Our protagonist and his girlfriend are stuck in the isekai game world which is a shitty one too. They want to escape this world together but there are too many women that won’t let happen whatsoever.

They desire the protagonist and do anything to make him their man. How does this story end before it gets to an end?

Before you start reading this manga, keep one thing in mind. This is an ‘NTR‘ type manga. So obviously, you can expect some of the controversial scenes. Well, aren’t you looking for those too?

If you are, then this manga will be one hell of a ride for you and since it is a manga similar to Redo of Healer, you’re bound to find it interesting until the very end.

4. Wicked Trapper: Hunter of Heroes

Wicked Trapper: Hunter of Heroes- manga similar to redo of healer

Echizen is a game developer who is known as “God Trapper” for his creations. But when the company doesn’t let him do what he is best at, he quits it and later on, gets transported into another world that is similar to hell.

When he meets the daughter of a demon king and obtains her power, he becomes the true God Trapper. With this new power, he explores this world and makes his fantasies come true that aren’t possible in the other world.

As simple as the premise seems, don’t expect it to be some kind of light-hearted one. Especially when you’re looking for a similar manga to Redo of Healer, you should not take such a thought into an account.

It is gôreviolent and also involves a lot of sexuâl content in it. Although there is no revenge in this manga, you’re bound to find this story similar to Redo of Healer.

5. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

arifureta- manga similar to redo of healer

Hajime Nagumo is a seventeen-year-old Otaku who leads his days by doing overnights and playing games he likes. When a magic circle appears at his school, he gets transported to another world along with a few of his classmates.

Now in the new world, he must survive while facing all threats and betrayals from the people he knows. In addition to these, he is given average skills unlike any of this classmates.

To spit out the truth, Arifureta redefined the whole revenge concept in a new way, and in fact, it is an amazing manga. Although, the anime adaptation isn’t as good as this one.

It doesn’t have as many dark themes as Redo of Healer like gôre, over sexuâlity but it does provide you with one amazing concept. Thus, we brought this one into the list of anime/manga like Redo of Healer.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Redo of Healer anime has been controversial since the moment it was released and since you loved the very concept of it, we came up with a list for you. So, make sure to check out the whole article.

If you’ve enjoyed the list, feel free to accept our notification button so that you won’t miss such entertaining content next time. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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