Golgo 13 Manga Creator Takao Saito Passed Away at 84!

Takao Saito passed away
Image Credits: Big Comic Magazine

Golgo 13 is the second most selling manga of all time, with over 300 million sales. Unfortunately, the creator of this masterpiece has passed away on September 24, 2021, due to pancreatic cancer.

Takao Saito was born in November 1936 in Wakayama and debuted in 1955 with Kuki Danshaku manga. In the year before launching Golgo 13 manga, he also published the Sagashiya hage Taka Tojo!! manga.

Achievements & Awards:

  • 21st Shogakukan Manga Award for Golgo 13, which is given by Japan Cartoonists Association.
  • Special judge’s award at 50th Shogakukan Manga Awards
  • Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon in 2003
  • Order of Sacred Treasure and Gold Rays with Rosette in 2010

In 2018, Golgo 13 celebrated its 50th year of serialization, and in 2020, Saito celebrated his 65th year as a manga creator. Golgo 13 is the oldest manga still in publication, and it will continue in the future.

“Shogakukan announced Saito-san wanted to continue his manga without him in his final moments, and the group of artists from the Saito Production will take care of his work with the assistance of Shogakukan’s Big Comic editorial department. “

Golgo 13 manga was recently tied with “Kochira Katsuhika-ku Kamaearikouen-mae Hashutsujo” manga for the Guinness World Record for publishing the most volumes for a single manga series. Both these mangas have reached 200 volumes as of April 5.

But Golgo 13 has surpassed the record by publishing the 201st volume on July 5 and the 202nd volume on September 6.

It was only a few months ago I found this manga, and I was amazed by how well it was written and still one of the best-selling manga. It’s sad to see Saito-san go without finishing it, but his legacy will continue on!

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