7 Epic Manga like Magic Emperor to Read!

manga like magic emperor

I regret reading Magic Emperor this late, but it was one hell of a read. With one overpowered main character and amazing world-building, it never ceases to surprise us.

So, are you looking for some manga similar to Magic Emperor? Here are some amazing manga like Magic Emperor you need to read at any cost.

Manga like Magic Emperor!

7. Above All Gods

Manga like Magic Emperor!

Ancient Sirius, the King of Scarlet Heaven, gets besieged by everyone and loses his throne after a pitiful death. But he relied on a single hope, the Ancient Jade.

He is reborn after five hundred years. With the hatred of his previous life and the shame, people caused to him, will be paid equally in this new life.

The first thing I found similar in these both manga are the traits and characters of the main characters. They are ruthless and don’t give a shit about anything.

Both MCs get betrayed and reincarnates as a nobody. If you loved Demonic Magic Emperor manhua, then you’ll love this one.

6. Memorize

Manga like Magic Emperor!

Soohyun gets summoned into an alternate world with a game-like environment and reaches the Apex of it. But not the way he wishes.

With the help of CodeZero‘s power, he decides to go back 10 years to the past where a tragedy took place, and he wants to rectify it.

For one thing, this manga isn’t at all like Magic Emperor on the surface. But if you see it from a different perspective, you’ll know the reason why it is a manga like Magic Emperor.

Both MCs are ruthless, and they do anything to achieve their goals. The stories include reincarnation/time travel concepts. So you’ll love it in the end.

5. Poison Dragon: The Legend of An Asura

Manga like Magic Emperor!

The Yakmun clan, known as an ancient Medical Sect, was wiped out in a massacre. The bodies are piled up, and the blood flew like an endless river.

Jin Ja Gang became the sole survivor of the clan awakens ‘Asura‘ and follows the path of vengeance. Unless he kills every one of them, it won’t be over.

Just as with other manga, you’ll find a ruthless MC driven by vengeance. He improves his abilities with time and training.

Although the circumstances of both manhuas are different, they end up giving the same vibes. Thus, it is a manga like Magic Emperor.

4. I’m an Evil God

Manga like Magic Emperor!

Xie Yan unexpectedly meets his death on earth and is sent to a world filled with cultivation and martial arts.

With a system to guide him and make him stronger, he explores Han Empire by surviving all types of ordeals. But is there an end to his troubles? 

Although this manhua is an isekai, it still has a reincarnation concept just like Magic Emperor. Both MCs kind of feel familiar in terms of traits.

If you have enjoyed Magic Emperor till the end, then you’ll probably love this one. After all, it is an amazing manga like Magic Emperor.

3. Reverend Insanity

Manga like Magic Emperor!

The story follows a villain named Fang Yuan, who gets reborn 500 years into the past due to a Cicada he refined for countless years.

Now he must fight without showing any mercy to his enemies, and with his wit, he’ll aim for immortality which is beyond impossible to achieve.

Fang Yuan in this manhua can be said as a twin brother of Yifan if not for their appearances and races being different.

Both are ruthless, overpowered, and there wasn’t a moment where MC feels like a dumb person. Overall, this one felt like a manga similar to Magic Emperor.

2. Heaven Defying God of War

Manga like Magic Emperor!

God of War Ye Qingyun crushed many enemies that are even great figures and unexpectedly got betrayed by his lover only to fall into Devil Abyss.

After a hundred years, he is born as a waste disciple of the Ye Family. Although his fate isn’t much impressive, he will do anything to crush the evil people who killed him.

Heaven Defying God of War is a terrific cultivation manhua that uses Demonic Cultivation as the base, along with the revenge theme.

While the main characters feel a lot similar in traits, the story feels the same. Since you’ve loved reading Magic Emperor, why don’t you try this one out?

1. The Max Level Hero Strikes Back

Manga like Magic Emperor!

Prince Davey fell powerlessly into a coma after getting struck by an arrow from the enemy. His soul traveled to the place where the greatest heroes gather: the Hall of Heroes.

There Davey’s soul spent thousands of years, and finally, he’s awake. Now the people in the king’s court better be prepared to face his wrath.

Both of these manga are revenge-based, and the main characters improve themselves from the memories of their previous life.

If you haven’t read this one yet, then you’re missing a good manhwa similar to Magic Emperor. It’s an average story but well-executed and very impressive in terms of other aspects.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Well, we’ve finally reached an end to our list of manga like Magic Emperor. These titles aren’t the best but definitely worth checking out.

If you have loved “The Servant is the Demon King” for MC and revenge plot, then you’re going to have a blast with these.

So, what do you think about our list? Do you have any other manhua that feels similar to Magic Emperor? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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