20 Best Manga/Manhwa with Stunning Artwork to Read!

manhwa with good art

Whether it be a manga, manhwa, or manhua, the first thing that gets our impression is obviously its artwork. Even if the story isn’t good, we at least give it a shot for its artwork.

For example, Solo Leveling has become a sensation in recent days, and the main reason is its godly art. So here is the list of manga/manhwa with good artwork and as well a good storyline.

Manga/Manhwa with Good Artwork!

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling- manhwa with good artwork

The story is about an E-class hunter who gets a system that lets him grow stronger in a world filled with monsters.

The artwork of Solo Leveling comes to play mostly in action scenes. The character designs of the shadow army and the aura residing around the characters show how godly the art is.

If you haven’t read this one yet, you’re going to have one hell of a ride with both eye-catching artwork and a good storyline.

2. Eleceed

Eleceed- manhwa with good artwork

The story is about a kind-hearted young man with superpowers and Kayden, a boy who is stuck in the body of a cat, fighting against the evil forces to save the world.

Eleceed is an excellent manhwa, and if you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing something amazing. Its artwork is so stunning making you stare in “Awe!

It is hilarious, action-packed, and importantly, it has a good pace. Thus, it is a manhwa with good art you need to read.

3. Dead Days

Dead Days- manhwa with good artwork

Dead Days is about a boy who gets stuck in his apartment in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse. Can he survive?

I haven’t read any manhwa with art as realistic as this one. I mean, just looking at the character designs, you’ll never feel them as art. Instead, they look like a real person.

It is thrilling, well-executed, and also a must-read manhwa if you’re into apocalypse webtoons.

4. The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End- manhwa with good artwork

The story is about an unrivaled king who gets murdered and gets reborn in another world filled with magic. Can he protect his loved ones in this life?

Sometimes I feel like this manhwa even beats Solo Leveling with its detailed artwork. Especially, Tess’s character is very well drawn, which gives an elegant look.

It is in no way inferior to any manhwa on the list whether it be art, story, action, or entertainment.

5. Feng Shen Ji

Feng Shen Ji- manhua with good artwork

The story is about an Emperor who rules over humanity and even goes against the gods because they are not satisfied with his rule.

Feng Shen Ji is a Chinese manhua with a historical theme and as well as magnificent art. The story takes time to hook you up, but it is worth the wait.

The action scenes are drawn incredibly well, and you probably won’t find another manhua with good art like this one.

6. A Wonderful New World

A Wonderful New World- manhwa with good artwork

The story is about a loser who always gets humiliated and looked down on by his colleagues. What happens when this wolf strikes back?

A Wonderful New World is an adult manhwa with explicit content but believe me, once you get into it, you’ll finish it in no time.

Its artwork is so beautiful, and in a few chapters, you’ll see some masterpiece drawings like Na So-ri’s eyes.

If you’re fine with some (in fact, a lot) sex in the middle of an intense plot, then this one is for you.

7. Tower of God

manhwa with good artwork

The story is about Bam who embarks on a journey to find his only friend Rachel, who went to see the stars in the Tower of God.

Tower of God‘s artwork is nothing special in the beginning and probably isn’t fair to mention here. But as you go through the chapters, you’ll notice the difference.

With every chapter, it gets better and better to the point you’ll love to read it again and again.

8. For the Sake of Sita

For the Sake of Sita- manhwa with good artwork

The story is about a medical student who fights against destiny to save his love. Is it possible?

Once in a while, people need to read these masterpieces (art-wise). The shading technique plays an important role by making it more attractive to the reader.

Although it lacks a bit in other aspects, I think you should still read it. After all, it is a manhwa with good art, and the artist needs recognition.

9. Ecstasy Hearts

Ecstasy Hearts- manhwa with good artwork

Shimizu Anya, the daughter of a former tennis player decides to conquer the world but then her destined rival arrives. Can she still continue on with her dream?

Ecstasy Hearts is a shot romance webtoon with phenomenal artwork. The story is delightful, but the art makes it even more worthy.

Although it isn’t that popular, we suggest you read it. After all, it is a lovely manhwa with good art, and you shouldn’t be missing it.

10. X Epoch of Dragon

X Epoch of Dragon - manhwa with good artwork

Xin Yun couldn’t use his second chance at life because he indulged himself in women. After he gets reborn again, he is determined not to make the same mistakes again.

X Epoch of Dragon is an isekai manhua, and its art is enough to give you goosebumps. Sometimes I feel manhua has better artworks than most of the manhwa.

To support the above statement, I propose this manhua. So, if you haven’t read it yet, try reading once.

11. Shin Angyo Onshi

Shin Angyo Onshi- manga with good artwork

Munsu is an Angyo Onshi who travels around the world saving innocent lives and extinguishing all evil. Chun Hyang is his female companion to help preserve justice.

Shin Angyo is a Japanese manga with extremely eye-catching art. It seems a bit dark, and probably new manga readers might not be able to appreciate it.

So, if you’re well-versed with manga, then try this one out. It is worth the ride you’re hopping on.

12. Her Summon

Her Summon- manhwa with good artwork

Jin-kyung is an Otaku who shuts himself in the room interacting with 2D friends, and one day he is summoned to another world by a petite girl.

Her Summon webtoon interestingly has exceptional artwork, and the story is quite intriguing too.

The artwork merits the isekai concept, and it is a must-read if you’re looking for a manhwa with good artwork.

13. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms- manhwa with good artwork

A man and a woman meet again and again in three different lifetimes. Is it destiny or a trial? Will they get together in the end, or tragedy awaits them?

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is the most beautiful manhua I’ve ever read art-wise. Although the live-action is better than this, I still feel it is worth a read.

It has a great storyline and cute characters. If you’re looking for a manhua with a good art style, then consider reading this one.

14. Gosu

Gosu- manhwa with good artwork

Gang Yong embarks on a journey to avenge the people who killed his mentor, and his disguise is a Chubby dumpling boy.

Gosu is an amazing revenge manhwa, and it has one of the best artworks in the manga world. The action scenes are given much preference with art, and the result is this masterpiece.

If you haven’t read this manhwa yet, you’re missing an action-packed gem. Isn’t it time to give it a shot?

15. Citrus

Citrus- manga with good artwork

Citrus tells the story of Yuu and Mei, who end up as stepsisters and unknowingly develop feelings for each other. What awaits them in the future?

I’ve read countless manga, and only a few caught my eye. And in those probably Citrus is the one I loved reading more.

If you’re into Yuri manga/Girls’ Love manga, then Citrus is a must-read. It has a beautiful story and stunning artwork.

16. Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods- manhua with good artwork

Ni Li dies at the hands of the Sage Emperor and is reborn in the body of a 13-year-old boy. Can he save the things he couldn’t in the past?

Tales of Demons of Gods is one of the best manhuas out there. It already has a complicated and well-written storyline, but the artwork makes it even more impressive.

So, if you’re looking for a manhua that has a good storyline and terrific artwork, then try this one out.

17. Flow

Flow- manhwa with good artwork

The story sets in a world where it is divided into strong gods and weak gods. Leerang pays back dearly for a thing he did. Can he redeem it now?

Flow is a fantastic manhwa in whatever way you look at it. The artwork is astonishing with the background colors, character designs, and great utilization of panels.

Although it gets a bit predictable in the beginning, later you’ll have a splendid ride with this webtoon.

18. Siren’s Lament

Siren's Lament- manhwa with good artwork

Lyra used to live a comfortable life until the day she has been plunged into the world of Sirens. What awaits her?

Siren’s Lament is a type of manhwa where it has a great start but falls halfway. But that doesn’t mean you need to pass over it.

Its artwork is breathtaking, the characters are interesting, and you’ll get a fabulous fantasy taste from this one. So, try reading it and judge for yourself.

19. Winter Moon

Winter moon- manhwa with good artwork

The story follows a homosexual sorcerer who meets a seductive priestess in an Online RPG, and together they take us on various adventures.

Winter Moon manhwa not only has fabulous art but a unique premise. The character designs feel as doubled and glued together yet satisfying.

So, if you’re looking for a manhwa with good art, then add this one to your reading list.

20. Freaking Romance

Freaking Romance- manhwa with good artwork

When Zylith reaches eighteen, she decides to stand on her own feet and finds a super cheap room.

Since it is a haunted place, a handsome boy always appears and disappears before her eyes. Who is this guy, and why is he appearing to only her?

While reading the Freaking Romance webtoon, your eyes can’t help but relish the level of attractive colors it uses to make it more impressive.

The romance is off the charts, and you’ll be stunned after reading this beautiful manhwa. If the plot isn’t enough to get your attention, art will do the job.

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Conlcusive Thoughts!

Some webtoons might contain a good story, but if the artwork is not engaging, more than half of people ignore it.

So, in the above list, we made sure that most of them have amazing art and a good story as well. If you have any queries/thoughts, feel free to share them with us from the comment section below.

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