6 Best Manhwa like Second Life Ranker!

manhwa like Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker or The Ranker Who Lives Twice is an exceptional manhwa. It has everything you need such as badass mc, emotional touch, and many more.

You might have been craving more chapters from it, but unfortunately, you can’t do anything but wait weeks. So, we’ve prepared a list of manhwa like Second Life Ranker.

Manhwa like Second Life Ranker!

6. Tomb Raider King

Manhwa like Second Life Ranker

When mysterious tombs appear in the world, and each tomb contains a relic that gives supernatural abilities to users. Jooheun Sun is a tomb raider who is an expert himself in his field.

When he gets betrayed by his employer, he gets back into the past before his death. Now with his experience from the past, he begins the journey anew.

If you’re thinking about how these both webtoons are similar, let me clarify for you. Firstly, both the MC has one goal: revenge, and in some way, both are given a second chance.

If you love manhwa with a game system, then Tomb Raider King is a must-read. It definitely gives you similar vibes.

5. The Live

Manhwa like Second Life Ranker!

Yun-Jae Kim loses his wife and daughter in a car accident, and since then, he’s been devastated. He lives his life in despair, and one day a diary erases itself leaving a single message behind.

you can see them again.” ‘Holy Grail‘ can only be given to the people who clear the game, and if they use it, they can meet their loved ones again. Will he achieve that?

Just like Second Life Ranker, this manhwa follows the goal of a person who strives for his family. Both have a game system that lets the main character achieve the thing they deserve.

The Live might not be as good as Second Life Ranker, but in the first place, we shouldn’t compare them. It’s better in its own way, and you’re going to have a great read.

4. Solo Leveling

Manhwa like Second Life Ranker!

Sung Jin-woo is an E-rank hunter. He fights monsters by putting his life on the line to support his only sister and to cure his mother.

When an incident takes place in a dual dungeon, he gets a system that helps him become stronger. What’s the motive behind this system?

Solo Leveling and Second Life Ranker might not be similar on the surface, but if you look at it from a different perspective, they share a lot of similarities.

Both MCs are badass, they both strive to cure their mother, and more importantly, both are system-based webtoons along with an ability to raise the dead.

3. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

Manhwa like Second Life Ranker!

Kim Gong-ja lives a life admiring other star hunters, and he always wanted an S-rank skill that can make him a better hunter like them.

Surprisingly, Tower grants him an S-rank skill but to use the skill, he needs to die. Wait, what’s the point in using the skill, if he is going to die?

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter is an excellent manhwa with a great blend of RPG elements and humor. The pace is good, the story is standard, and the characters are pretty amusing.

Hunters climbing through the towers, the main character becoming a special existence can be considered as some similarities.

2. Kill the Hero

Manhwa like Second Life Ranker!

When the world suddenly changed into a game, dungeons formed, and monsters emerged into the cities. People who receive the gods’ blessings became hunters and helped with the world’s salvation.

Se-jun Lee is the guild master of Messiah guild, and after getting backstabbed by his closest comrade, he returns to the past. Now, he is all set to hunt the people who betrayed him in the past.

Just like Cain, the MC in this manhwa lives for the one thing: Revenge. Both webtoons have badass main characters and a game system to make them stronger.

Also, both MCs have a similar skill of raising the dead. You might not have read this manhwa yet because it isn’t that popular, but worth a read.

1. Tower of God

Manhwa like Second Life Ranker!

Bam was alone until Rachel took care of him for years in the Tower of God. In this Tower, one can achieve anything if they climb it.

Rachel leaves Bam behind to see the stars, and he is determined to find her no matter what. Will this young and innocent boy change the fate of the Tower?

Both of these webtoons include the concept of clearing the levels in the tower, and the world-building is fantastic.

Tower of God is known as “One Piece of Manhwa.” It contains a massive world setting, and the action scenes are insane just like in Second Life Ranker.

A Word from Us!

Second Life Ranker manga is one of a kind, and there are only a few manhwas out there with similar feels, and we did our best to recommend them here.

So, if you haven’t read any one of these, now’s the time. Every one of them is worth a read, and you’ll be getting busy for the next week.

What are your thoughts on the list? Can you think of any other manhwa similar to Second Life Ranker? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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