Top 10 Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment!

Manhwa like Mercenary Enrollment

If you loved reading it and looking for some manhwa similar to Mercenary Enrollment, then the list we’re about to present is for you. So, are you ready to dive into the world where MC is op as hell?

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Mercenary Enrollment is definitely one of the best webtoons to come out in 2020. Although it has only a few chapters, the whole read was an amusement for me, and hope it was the same for you.

If you loved reading it and looking for some manhwa similar to Mercenary Enrollment, then the list we’re about to present is for you. So, are you ready to dive into the world where MC is op as hell?

Manhwa/Webtoons like Mercenary Enrollment!

1. God of Blackfield

God of Blackfield- manhwa like mercenary enrollment

Kang chan is the best soldier of the French Foreign League, who often called by his enemies “God of Blackfield.” But during a mission, he was killed by witnessing his teammates die beside him.

However, he woke up 3 years later in Korea in the body of another Kang chan who is still in his college. Kang chan embarks on a journey to find the traitor who is the reason for his teammates’ death and the truth behind this second life.

Like Yu Ijin, Kang chan in this manhwa has given a second chance in his life but in a different way. They both look so OP after their rebirth and the story is set in a military background.

So, if you’re looking for a manga/manhwa similar to Mercenary Enrollment, then you need to read this webtoon right now.

2. Weak Hero

Weak Hero- Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment!

The story sets in a school where students live in fear of bullies. The bullies gather as a bunch and begin tormenting the weakest kids in the class.

But then Gray arrived, and everything seems to be changing. He may be small and look normal, but his calculative and brutal fighting skills are not a joke.

Although the story starts differently in both of these webtoons, the premise is the same. The main characters deal with the bullies, and they both seem kind of overwhelming.

They both get on a bit dark theme but seem so enjoyable with every chapter. So, if you’re looking for an awesome manhwa like Mercenary Enrollment, you should definitely read this one.

3. Noblesse

Noblesse- Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment!

Rai has woken up from his 820 years long sleep and started his new life as a high school student. His loyal servant and friend, Frankenstein serve him besides all the time.

Although he wants to leave a peaceful life, he gets interrupted by mysterious attackers, and what will he do to achieve a peaceful life?

Noblesse is a lot similar to Mercenary Enrollment in a sense as it incorporates a high school-action theme. It is fantasy-oriented manhwa but still a pretty awesome read.

The main character is quite overpowered and badass just like Ijin. So, if you’re looking for a similar webtoon to Mercenary Enrollment, this is a must-read.

4. Metropolitan System

Metropolitan System- Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment!

Jiang Bai died in an accident, and instead of perishing, his soul was transported into a different world. Surprisingly, his soul merged with his parallel self, who is pathetic and weak.

With some cheats provided by a mad god in that world, can he make a comeback and prove that he isn’t weak anymore? I’ll leave it for you to find out by reading this amazing manhwa like Mercenary Enrollment.

Unlike Mercenary Enrollment, this one might not revolve around some military action, but it has its pros. Well, the rebirth concept is pretty similar, except that Yu Ijin didn’t die.

The art is exceptionally good, and it gets better as you go through the chapters. So, if you feel like reading a manga/manhwa similar to Mercenary Enrollment, then go with this one.

5. Rooftop Sword Master

Rooftop Swordmaster- Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment!

Neung Kwang was a victim of a bully, and during an incident, he was beaten up by eight of his classmates and went into Coma. Later, he woke up after nine months, but his father committed suicide in an attempt of getting justice for him.

Filled with rage and being weak, he couldn’t do anything until an ally reached his doorstep. A gigantic blade was given to him by God, and now Neung is all set to avenge them.

The MC is incredibly OP in this manhwa and also pretty similar to Yu Ijin. While both are set in the modern world, they both become strong from being weak. The only thing that differs here is that it involves a fantasy element.

Well, if you’re on a hunt for manhwa/manga similar to Mercenary Enrollment, then you might as well add this one to your list.

6. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling- Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment!

Sung Jin-woo used to be an E-class hunter until he encountered an incident inside a dual dungeon. In the past, everyone looked down on him and made fun of him for being weak.

When he discovers this new power, his whole life changes but is it for good? Or will it lead to something else that is, even more, harder to endure than being weak? 

Solo Leveling is definitely a lot similar to Mercenary Enrollment. Except for its fantasy concept, everything is so similar like overpowered MCs, their character evolutions, and so on.

If you haven’t read Solo Leveling yet, you’re missing a lot. Its artwork is insane, and there are tons of breathtaking moments along with action scenes. So, make sure to add this one to your list.

7. Castle

Castle- Manhwa Similar to Mercenary Enrollment!

Kim Shin is a special killer who reached the pinnacle in his profession. In his afterlife, he realized something that should be taken care of even if it costs his life.

With his honed blade, he embarks on revenge as his mentor’s last will and finally returns to Hoe-Am along with his mates for the final showdown.

Castle might not be a famous manhwa, but if you loved reading Mercenary Enrollment, you will love this one too. The premise matches a little, but the characters are more like a replica rather than just similar.

So, webtoon Castle definitely deserves a spot on the list. If not for its story, at least for its execution, you need to read this one because it is simply awesome.

8. Second life of a Gangster

Second Life as a Gangster- manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment

Oh Joong Seok is a 41-year-old gangster who has done all misdeeds to regret himself in the future. He puts his life on the line to make it happen and also gained the highest position in the organization.

But once he realized that everything he has done until now, his life began taking a miserable path. Now begins the second life of a gangster and read how he evolves and redeems his past.

Compared to Mercenary Enrollment, this webtoon has many similarities. While both premises take a separate path halfway, the main theme remains the same.

So, if you’re looking for a webtoon/manhwa similar to Mercenary Enrollment, then this one must be on your list. After all, it has a good story along with an amazing main character.

9. Study Group

Study Group- manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment

17-year-old Gamin Yoon wants to enter a four-year university by getting good grades. But unfortunately, the school he chose isn’t something that can make it happen that easily.

It is filled with people who behave worse than criminals. Can he still chase after his dream without involving in these unending fights? We’ll leave it for you to figure out.

Study Group is one of the most underrated manhwas out there. It got an excellent premise and great characters just like Mercenary Enrollment. The enticing romance between both the leads is amazing too.

Since you’re looking for a manhwa similar to Mercenary Enrollment, we suggest this one. It is definitely worth giving a shot, and if you love action manhwa, then you’ll love it for sure.

10. The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End- manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment

King Grey was an unrivaled being in his world, but one day, he suddenly died and got reincarnated into a world filled with magic with his memories intact and maturity intact.

In this life, he got a loving family, but great love also comes with great responsibility. Will he be able to protect the people close to him from approaching threats?

I don’t really know why I am even including this on the list. But if you think about it, these both are pretty similar. They both strive to protect their families and do whatever it takes for it.

Although TBATE is fantasy and isekai combinational manhwa, I still feel you’ll get similar vibes. Also, both main characters are pretty badass and just awesome.

Final Thoughts!

While Mercenary Enrollment has been an amazing ride, the titles we mentioned above are worth reading as well. Most of these follow revenge plots and also include one amazingly overpowered main character.

Since you’re looking for manhwa similar to Mercenary Enrollment, we’ve got some really good ones to help you out. So, make sure to check out the whole article and find the one you like.

What do you think about Mercenary Enrollment? Do you mind sharing your thoughts with us? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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