Top 20 Most Beautiful Places in Japan You Must Visit Before You Die!

most beautiful places in Japan

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Whether you’re going on a vacation or visiting Japan due to some work, you need to visit a few places that are the epitome of delights. While some of them are great spots to go with your girlfriend, you can also enjoy the scenarios alone or with your friends.

So, you might have been wondering what are some of the most beautiful places in Japan? Are they really as beautiful as they show in anime? Well, these are the 25 places we think are must-visit spots if you ever go to Japan.

Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!

20. Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing- Most Beautiful Places in Japan
Image by Jazael Melgoza (Unsplash)

A tip: Visit Shibuya Crossing during big seasonal events like New Year and Halloween.

While it may seem like a normal crossing in the city of Tokyo, Shibuya Crossing is an unquestioned must-visit if you’re in Tokyo. The scramble intersection of ways, three huge television screens mounted on the buildings, and more lights.

People constantly pour across the street and around Shibuya Crossing; you have a lot of exciting things to see. Starbucks, bars, clubs, restaurants, and which is why it is a trendy shopping district.

19. Tama Art University Library, Tokyo

Tama Art University - Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by Edward Caruso Photography

A tip: Try to explore the building as much as possible because it has an insane amount of book collection.

If you’re a student planning to study in Japan or an educationalist who wants to visit a pleasant and beautiful place, Tama Art University is the perfect place for you.

It has a wide-open gallery and tons of books to read and find some peace. Even outside the library, you can find a lively and pleasing environment. Everything was innovatively constructed, giving it a stunning look.

18. Shirogane Blue Pond, Hokkaido

Shirogane Blue Pond- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by Jarrett Kow (Unsplash)

A tip: Rent a car instead of Bus, it will save you a lot of time

Shirogane Blue Pond is a mystical nature spot and a stunning sight with its otherworldly looks. An accidental side effect created it due to the dam at the Biei River.

The water’s color changes from light blue to green turquoise depending on the season and weather. But the best thing is its beauty isn’t tied to a single season; instead, it has ethereal beauty all over the year.

17. Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle- most beautiful places in Japan
Image by Vladimir Haltakov (Unsplash)

A tip: Don’t forget to visit the west bailey Nishinomaru before leaving the paid grounds.

If you have some Chinese historical dramas, you can recall the beautiful castles that look almost as if they were in heaven. Himeji Castle resembles the setting with its elegant and white appearance.

It is also considered Japan’s most spectacular castle, and it is a national treasure. You can enter through Sanomaru, which contains Otemon Gate, a great spot to take photographs.

Unless you have so little time on yourself to explore Japan, don’t miss this gorgeous tourist place whatsoever. After all, it is one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

16. Hitsujiyama Park, Chichibu

Hitsujiyama Park- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by Zekkei Japan

A tip: The park is known for its pink moss festival in Spring, don’t miss it.

Hitsujiyama Park is well-known for its beautiful moss pink fields that attract many visitors every day. Especially during the full bloom around late April, it becomes insanely lively.

There are multiple types of flowers spread over, giving it an aesthetic look. The best thing is that the flowers are planted strategically to make a fantastic display to the tourists.

15. Tottori Sand Dunes

Tottori Sand Dunes- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by Zhipeng Ya (Unsplash)

A tip: Never miss the sea coast as it amplifies the experience of the Sand Dunes.

The largest sand dunes in Japan, yet it doesn’t exhaust you no matter how much you explore it. It is located just outside the city center and connects to the Sea of Japan.

There are numerous attractions in these Sand Dunes, including paragliding, sandboarding, and Camel and Horse-drawn cart rides. You can also visit the Sand Museum, which is a place that reveals a lot of history’s mysteries.

14. Kiyotsu Gorge and the Tunnel of Light, Niigata prefecture

Kiyotsu Gorge and the Tunnel of Light- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image from IGNANT

A tip: Recommended to go to Hot Springs and find a hotel to stay nearby if you’re planning to explore it thoroughly.

In the whole of Niigata prefecture, Kiyotsu Gorge is the most famous location for tourists and definitely a must-visit place if you’re with your family or loved ones.

The tunnel itself isn’t special, but the four observation decks, built with creativity and art, are the epitome of astonishment. From any viewpoint, you can perfectly feel the river’s flow, and I think it is one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

13. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by DuoNguyen (Unsplash)

A Tip: Also visit Tenryu-ji Temple if you ever travel there.

The Arashiyama Bamboo Grove can be appreciated even if we look at some good photographs. But no picture can capture the delight of seeing it in person, and you’re right; if you’re in Kyoto, never miss this place at any cost.

You can access the location without much effort since it is only a 15-minute walk from Arashiyama Station. The scenery, dazzling winds, and the soaring stalks of bamboo will make you feel like being in another world.

12. Ashikaga Flower Park, Ahigaka

Ashikaga Flower Park- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by Medium Drum World

A Tip: Don’t forget to visit the 100-year-old large fuji tree, which creates a huge umbrella of blue fuji flowers.

The most beautiful great wisteria in the world, the Ashikaga Flower Park embraces a wide variety of flowers, including blue, white, pink, and yellow laburnum.

It also has hundreds of thousands of multi-colored LED lights to put on a winter illumination display to the visitors. The park has become a place for people who enjoy nature with all their heart, and it is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

11. Meguro River, Tokyo

Meguro River- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by Sora Sagano (Unsplash)

A tip: Cherry blossoms at Meguro River are recommended to see after the peak season.

Meguro River is one of the best places to view Cherry Blossoms, and the most surprising thing about it is the cherry trees are lined about 4km along the river, with over 800 in the count.

During the main season, a festival is held near the river, and if you’re planning to see the cherry blossoms with your loved ones, it couldn’t be any more perfect timing. When they are fully bloomed, countless petals are blown by the wind, and it feels as if you’re in heaven.

10. Shirakawago Village

Shirakawago Village- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by Agoda

A tip: Never miss the Light-up Event in January and February.

Shirakawago is one of the top tourist places in Japan and is known for its majestic nature and historical deeds. It is actually divided into two areas: Shirakawago and Gokayama.

The best thing about Shirakawago is that you can enjoy the trip throughout the year since it shows different faces in various seasons.

  • Cherry blossoms in spring
  • Autumn leaves in autumn
  • Bright green rice field in summer
  • Snow in winter

9. Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima

Itsukushima Shrine- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by Wallpaper Abyss

A Tip: You can’t enter the Shrine after sunset.

The Shrine is centuries old, and the island’s fame is solely because of it. Both the shrine and torii gate are built over the water, and during high tides, they look as if they’re floating.

The visitors enjoy walking into the Shrine while looking into the beautiful sea. When the sunsets, the Shrine and torii gate illuminates until 23:00 so that the guests can have their beautiful weekends and day-offs.

8. Mt. Yoshino

Mt. Yoshino- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by Wallpaper Access

A Tip: Visit Mt. Yoshino during early to mid-April to view fully bloomed cherry blossoms.

Mt. Yoshino is Japan’s most famous “Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot.” It has been over 1300 years since the trees were planted, and it is said that there are around 30,000 cherry trees of many varieties.

It is divided in four areas: the Shimo Senbon, Naka Senbon, Kami Senbon, and Oku Senbon. As you ascend the mountain, you can pass all these areas by viewing the various bewitching sceneries which will make your day.

7. Miyako Island, Okinawa

Miyako Island- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by Lonely Planet

A tip: Don’t forget to try two famous Okinawa dishes Goya Chanpuru and Soba Noodles.

If you’re thinking of snorkeling and diving in the coral reefs of a beautiful island, your choice couldn’t be any better. Miyako Island consists of numerous beaches with unique features.

In addition to beaches, Miyako also offers a few attractions like cultural interest, impeccable natural beauty, and a couple of bridges which makes you not want to leave.

6. Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine and Nachi Falls, Wakayama Prefecture

Kumano Nachi Taisha and Nachi Falls- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by byFood

A tip: Visitors who arrive by car can skip the stairs by accessing the parking lot.

Kumano Nachi Taisha is one of the three Kuman shrines, and Nachi Falls gives you the best scenic view when seen combined. It is also known as the tallest waterfall in Japan.

The Shrine is basically a complex of religious sites related to Buddhism and Shintoism. It has a peaceful environment along with a tasteful Japanese culture which we have been dying to witness.

While the falls have been the best highlights, you must not forget to see the 3-story ancient red pagoda, which is one of the most beautiful scenery in the whole of Japan.

5. Oyama Rice Terrace, Kamogawa

Oyama Rice Terrace- most beautiful places in Japan
Image by Tokyo Street View

A tip: Make sure to visit when the rice terrace is fully planted.

Oyama Rice Terrace in the Kamogawa is a rare visual experience that etches its beauty in you for a long time. The rice terraces surrounded by forests and hills make it a gorgeous landscape.

The best way to witness its true beauty is going there every season or watching it during sunset. Even though the latter option seems easier, the Terrace brings variations throughout the seasons and is definitely a stunning sight to see.

4. Daigo-ji Temple, Kyoto

Daigo-ji Temple- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by HD Wallpapers

A tip: The main hall is especially beautiful in November since Autumn Colors will surround it.

Daigoji Temple is quite an important temple of the Shingon sect, and the main temple grounds’ location is at the base of the mountain. The hiking trail connects it to several temples, and you will be witnessing some historical masterpieces.

In Shimo Daigo, there is a five-storied building verified to be the oldest building in Kyoto. Next to the pond of the Shimo Daigo area, there is Daigoji’s most photographed building Bentendo Hall. With all these priceless treasures, Daigoji Temple is a must-visit for anyone.

3. Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki

Hitachi Seaside Park- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by WAttention

A tip: The autumn colors are said to be best around early to mid-October, so visit them for the best experience.

Just like Hitsujiyama Park, Hitachi Seaside Park is famous for its large flower fields, and it is spacious enough to look around. Along with the seasonal flowers spread across hectares, it is also an amusement park.

The park’s iconic flower is known to be Nemophila as it mimics the color of the sky by covering Miharashi Hill. The color of bushes and flowers change according to the weather, so it is an incredible sight to see even if you visit it multiple times.

Alongside flowers, there are walking trails, a small amusement park, and even cycling paths. It is an excellent spot if you plan to spend a day around.

2. Bioluminescent Rocks, Okayama

Bioluminescent Rocks- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by Gizmodo AU

A tip: The beauty of this place only comes at night so, it is recommended.

Forget about the beach or a vacation spot; visit the Bioluminescent Rocks in Okayama if you want to witness an otherworldly light experience. They look like seeds floating on top of the water in the daylight, but the real beauty comes at night.

These rocks are filled with luminescent chemicals that make them radiate at night. It isn’t called “The Glowing Sea Fireflies of Japan” for nothing. If you’re around Okayama due to some work, try to make some time to watch this masterpiece.

1. Mt. Fuji, Yamanashi

Mt. Fuji- Most Beautiful Places in Japan to Visit!
Image by Wallpaper FX

A tip: The standard location to get the best view is at Fuji Five Lakes.

Mt. Fuji is more like the reflection of the heart of Japan. It is Japan’s highest and obviously the most beautiful mountain. Its elegance varies slightly depending on where you look it from.

There are a lot of things you can do in this prefecture from boating to enjoying a fabulous weekend. Whether it be in the morning or evening, rainy season or summer season, the beauty of the mountain is eternal.

It might even be the most beautiful place in Japan, and you’ll know why once you visit it in person.

Conclusive Thoughts!

These are the Top 20 most beautiful places in Japan as far as our knowledge exceeds. If you dream of visiting Japan and spending a few days or months, these locations would be a great way to make your time worthwhile.

So, have you visited Japan yet? Which of these places do you think are best for any traveler? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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