Muse Asia Began Streaming Rage of Bahamut: Genesis Anime!

Rage of Bahamut anime

After one year, the YouTube channel Muse Asia reposted all episodes of Rage of Bahamut Genesis, the anime adaptation of Cygames Rage of Bahamut card game, on Friday. The channel previously streamed the show in April 2021.

The show first premiered in October 2014. Alongside India, Muse Asia also streaming the anime in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Bhutan.

Synopsis of the anime:

Mistarcia is a magical world where gods, demons, and humans mingle together. Thousands of years ago there was Bahamut, the largest, most badass dragon whoever lived. He threatened to destroy all of the creation.

The god Zeus and devil Satan sacrifice themselves to lock Bahamut away and turn themselves into magical keys that must never under any circumstances be combined, for the Bahamut will be reawakened and continue on his rage spree.

Present day, where a demon girl named Amira somehow successfully steals the God key from its angelic fortress and manages to cover herself within the human realm. The globe balance is disrupted. Rage of Bahamut: Genesis focuses on a group of most unlikely heroes to save the world from its imminent destruction.

The team for this show includes Keiichi Sato as Director, Yuito Kimura as Producer, Keeichi Hasegawa as scriptwriter, Yoshihiro Ike as Music Composer and MAPPA as the Animation Studio. The anime is licensed by Funimation, Anime Limited, and Muse Communication.

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul’s second season aired from April to September 2017. If you haven’t watched the anime yet, get on with it. Visit Muse Asia’s YouTube channel for more anime series.

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