My Hero Academia Episode 17 : Relief for License Trainees

My Hero Academia Episode 17

My Hero Academia Episode 16 Overview!

So far, season four of My Hero Academia has been a good watch. With the previous episode ‘Win Those Kids Hearts’ being entertaining, it still seemed like a cannon(which contains less part of the plot and rest is a filler) episode. But with the present one, it changed our view of the previous chapter.

Episode seventeen was extremely good, and it has shown various new aspects that will make everyone look forward to the upcoming events. Well, I did notice a few things which are entirely different from the previous ones. Let’s see what new in this episode and what we can expect from the next event.

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Winning the hearts of the naive kids

With the previous episode My Hero Academia, everyone has a clear view of the kids who appeared at the License training field. The trainees are left speechless, and they couldn’t do anything to stop those kids. Anyhow, thanks to the previous episode, it left us with anxiety, and this episode is worth the wait. Even though they had no way to win those kids except fighting them, the trainees gave a thought which is out of the box. At last, they won the hearts of the kids and even the kids inspired by the trainees.

Bakugo Guides the Kid

Considering the previous events of My Hero Academia, no one would expect Bakugo to inspire someone. He even referred to his own mistakes, and that made the troublemaker kid change his mindset. It seems like we’re going to see a new version of Bakugo in the future. But I still like the old Kacchan; he was funny, angry and smart at the same time.

Showing Endeavor in a Positive way

The Endeavor we know is full of Proud, Agony, and Jealous. But with this episode, it shows how much he loves his son Todoroki and that he wants to prove that he will become a great hero that his son could be proud of, which is unexpected from Endeavor. He even encouraged his son ,differently but still, Shoto doesn’t pay any attention, though.

Nighteye’s Funeral

This moment was too painful for every fan who has seen this episode. Even tho the funeral scene wasn’t given much screen time. Still, it made everyone to sob a little. And later, it shows the sidekick of Sir Nighteye takes over his agency and carries his passion in place of him.

Aoyama Showing his true colors

With the preview of episode 16, everyone had doubts about Aoyama. The seventeenth episode began showing Aoyama’s interest towards Deku, which made him look like a villanish character. But I’m glad it turned out to be a good reason why Aoyama’s behaved differently from earlier. At the end of the episode, we see Deku and Aoyama becoming friends because of their similarities and due to the encouragement of Aoyama. Well, this episode was quite enjoyable, and we can look forward to the School festival.

Preview of Episode 18!

The preview shows that the students are getting excited and preparing for their school festival. While everyone is filling their festival with joy, Midoriya decides to make Eri happy by making her a part of the school festival. But it wouldn’t be good if we can’t see any action right. The preview did show the incident that leads to the attack of League of Nations on U.A high school.

While Midoriya is still struggling to use his power to the full extent, there is no way he can defeat those villains. But we have to wait for the moment where Deku gets strong and kicks the asses of Villains. After all, that’s the main storyline of My Hero Academia. Hoping next episode to be as good as this one, let’s look forward together. Stay tuned for more updates!

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