My Hero Academia Episode 83: Golden Tips Imperial!

My Hero Academia Episode 83

My Hero AcademiaEpisode 83 makes a promising impression of action for the next episode!

It’s already been a week, and we’re back with another episode overview of My Hero Academia. Before discussing what happened in this episode, why don’t we recall what happened in the previous one?  The previous episode was fun, interesting, intense, and, more importantly, it was an edgy episode with a small twist in the end.

To be honest, most of us liked the Gentle Criminal. His character design is excellent. And in the past few episodes, he is making himself a vital character to look on. And the school festival is not too far, so as a new threat! What might be the Gentle’s plan to break into the U? A high school? Well, let’s see how this episode is and what we can expect from the next episode.

Since there is no much time left for the School festival, the students of U.A high school are busy with their preparations. And Class-A is busy with the practice of their concert, which also shows the funny parts such as Deku is not able to learn the dance moves properly and more.

Eri Visits U.A High School

As in the preview of the previous episode of My Hero Academia, Eri visits the U. A high school. And all of the Class-A students get surprised and adores her, which is expected since she is cute and adorable. Deku and Lemillion detours around the U.A high to make her happy. She sees everything, and still, she’s clueless how to excite for such a thing. But she does enjoy exploring like that. It’s just basic, though.

It’s been many days since we’ve seen Monoma of the other class who always tries to discourage different sections and gets punished by their classmates. He comes in as usual and tries to humiliate the Class-A by saying to them that they can’t win over their cosplay with a concert. Well, we all know what happens next.

Midoriya gets Fired from the Dance Team

It always makes me wonder that Midoriya is not really into other things than Hero stuff. That’s what happens when you can’t learn dance moves when the school festival is near. It’s not like he’s wholly fired from the concert team, he gets to change his team. He moves to the Effects team from the Dance team. I’ve been thinking from the beginning why he’s not in the Effects team?

Gentle’s Brilliant Plan

Let’s get to the serious stuff now. Somehow Deku watches the Gentle’s video, which he doubts something wrong is going to happen. And at the end of the episode, Gentle Criminal reveals his plan on how he’s going to break into U. A high school. Well, it’s brilliant! Just as we expect from the Mastermind Villain.

With his plan, he might be able to break into U. A and it also seems promising that we’re going to get an action sequence in the next episode. It’s been many episodes since we have seen them in action. With the improvement of Deku’s new move and unknown quirk of Gentle Criminal, the fight we’re going to expect is not going to be an easy one.

Preview of the My Hero Academia Episode 84: Deku vs. Gentle Criminal

Even though the episode is not as exciting as the previous one, the preview is pretty intense. One word from the preview can convey a lot to the audience- “You’ll ruin the aftertaste of the Gold Tips Imperial.”  Finally, we get to see the quirk of Gentle Criminal and Deku’s new move in the next episode of My Hero Academia. Well, let’s see how good the next episode is going to be? Until then, stay tuned for more updates!

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